The Keys to Executing a Successful Weighted Tactical Pull-Up

By Kenton Boutwell

Let's examine the key details in the setup and execution of the weighted tactical pull-up. Perhaps these tips can help you have a better experience at the Beast Tamer or Iron Maiden Challenge.

The Anytime, Anywhere Bodyweight-Only Strength Program

By Aleks Salkin

The sad truth is most of us are lost without our kettlebells or barbells. But you will never be without your body weight—and that means your strength doesn’t ever have to get lost.

Easy Strength Is Antifragility Training

By John Heinz

I am about to explain what a strength training book and an economics book have in common. By the end of this article, you will learn a beneficial paradigm to apply to your own program design.

I Failed the SFG Level II Strength Test

By Greg Woods

I failed the SFG Level II strength test. And what I eventually realized was that passing the test had nothing to do with my physical strength.

The 1TRM EV PS Program: Escalating Volume in the Plan Strong Style

By Fabio Zonin

Here is a more advanced variation of the 5TRM Back Squat Program, based on the 1TRM and with a volume progression that recalls that of the Plan Strong methodology.

How to Get the Benefit of Depth Jumps Without Jumping

By Craig Marker

Plyometrics help us build explosive power—and therefore also absolute strength, speed strength, and pure speed. While depth jumps are an effective approach, the overspeed eccentric swing is a safer alternative.

How to Exercise the Vital Muscle of Patience

By Brett Jones

Time, training, and patience—are we using these three to our full advantage? Probably not the last one. Let’s break this down into some steps that allow us to build some patience into accomplishing our goals.

One Good Rep: How to Perform the Perfect Pull-up

By Karen Smith

Before we can achieve a heavy weighted pull-up like that required for the Iron Maiden or Beast Tamer, we need to be able to do one perfect pull-up—and that’s what I’m going to teach you today.

The Difference a Body Positive Approach Can Make

By Lore McSpadden

More coaches are learning about body positive approaches that make high-quality training available and accessible to more people. Here's how to find the coach for you.

A Critical Get-up Transition: From the Elbow to the Hand

By Brett Jones

Each position in the get-up should set you up for success in the next position. A great transition from the elbow to the hand sets up a safe and solid shoulder position for the low sweep or the high bridge.