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“Things Are Going So Well, Help Me Screw It Up!”

By Dan John, Master SFG and Mike Warren Brown, SFG The other day on the SFG forum, one of our regulars made an excellent post about his improvement. His goals of a double bodyweight deadlift and 15 reps on the … Continue reading

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Moving Target Kettlebell Complex, Part II

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman Several months ago, StrongFirst published Moving Target Kettlebell Complex, a workout we sometimes put the students through at SFG I instructor certification.  I asked the readers with program design experience to build a four- to six-week … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Benefits of the Turkish Get-Up

By Brandon Hetzler, SFG Team Leader “As above, so below.” -Unknown We like what is new. Look at how well Apple has benefitted every time they release the latest iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The followers of Apple are fiercely loyal. … Continue reading

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“I’m Possible”

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman and Eric Kenyon, SFG   At the 2014 Winter Paralympics closing ceremony an enormous sign hung above the stage proclaiming: “IMPOSSIBLE”.  Paralympian Alexey Chuvashev rolled onto the stage in a wheel chair.  A vet who lost … Continue reading

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The Stress-Free Strength Routine

By Geoff Neupert, Master SFG, CSCS We just had our second child – a daughter. She’s amazing as is the pure lack of sleep we are experiencing. It is not uncommon for me to get around four hours a sleep … Continue reading

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Strength At Any Age: A Woman’s Perspective

By Gabby Eborall, SFG II There comes a time in our lives, almost as if by surprise, when we realize we’re not as young as we used to be. Aging can be a difficult and uncomfortable topic of discussion. Especially … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up in Kettlebell Pulls?

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman   Recently we have seen a number of students coming to SFG certs clean and swing with their thumbs up.  I am here to put an end to this fashion. Other kettlebell systems have been known to … Continue reading

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How to Conquer the Dreaded Deep 6

Class Programming By Jon Engum, Master SFG Several years ago I designed a practice based on an idea I got from Maxwell’s omelet workout—the difference being, where the omelet served up a bit of everything, my Deep 6 focused on … Continue reading

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Moving Target Kettlebell Complex

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman  Kettlebell complexes rock.  A few months ago StrongFirst published the “Total Tension” Kettlebell Complex in this blog.  Those of you who followed the plan as written saw excellent results.  Senior SFG Tommy Blom, for instance, gained … Continue reading

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The Secret to Instant Strength Gains

By Andy Bolton A couple weeks back, my friend Elliot and I went to a seminar held by our good friend Mehdi of Stronglifts.  After I’d given my talk, the guys (and gals) at the seminar got practical and did … Continue reading

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