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Chuck Taylor Re-Design: A Survival Guide

    Folks, Converse has announced an upgrade to their classic Chuck Taylors — the first such modification in 98 years. This new version appears in stores starting today. Among the changes:  CUSHIONING.     It’s true. But before getting all Ron Swanson-channeling-Bobby … Continue reading

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Program Minimum [Squared]

By Jon Engum, Master SFG In his original kettlebell book, Pavel Tsatsouline talks about a Program Maximum and a Program Minimum. For the younger people in the crowd (read: newer to kettlebells) some explanations may be needed. The Program Minimum … Continue reading

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Goal Cycling

By Jukka Mäennenä, SFG, SFL     Have you written down your goals? Great. The next step, of course, is to determine how to reach those goals. Some methods will work better than others, for any given person or task. … Continue reading

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A Long Way to Press

By Brandon Hetzler, SFG Team Leader   “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Usually because the manure is deeper.” —Gene Dudgeon PART 1:  TALL PEOPLE PROBLEMS Full disclosure — I’m 6’ 6” tall, barefoot. … Continue reading

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By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman So you want to improve your jumping ability. First get strong and symmetrical. Then start “greasing the groove” with all sorts of jumps… Speaks Victor Lonsky, Distinguished Coach of the USSR who prepared a whole school … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Your Progress is Stalling

By Dr. B Ramana, SFG     Disclaimer: One of the advantages of being both a senior doctor and a strength coach is being able to see a wide spread of people — regular folks of all shapes and sizes. … Continue reading

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[Seven] Basic Human Movements

By Delaine Ross, Senior SFG     We are so often asked, “How do I put together a program at home?” or “How do you put your classes together?” The simple answer is we make sure to include both grinds … Continue reading

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An Olympic Weightlifting Approach to Coaching the Kettlebell Clean

By Jason Pak, SFGII, SFB, SFL     A barbell clean and a kettlebell clean are two completely different movements, but both could fit this description: CLEAN [barbell or kettlebell]: A power exercise with a quick transition between tension and … Continue reading

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Swing versus Snatch

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman Are the swing and snatch interchangeable? Or do you have to do both? David Whitley, Master SFG quipped that “a snatch is a swing that ends up overhead” and a study by Brandon Hetzler, SFG Team … Continue reading

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The Turkish Get-Up — A Clinician’s Perspective

By Travis Jewett, DC     I am a self-described kettlebell nerd. One of the ongoing jokes when I teach seminars is if you come to me with an orthopedic issue, I will tell you to do TGU’s. There is … Continue reading

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