SFG II Kettlebell Certification FAQ

Why are the SFG I (level 1) skills re-tested?

Before investing the time and energy needed to teach the more advanced SFG II skills, we want to make sure each SFG II Instructor Candidate is still proficient in the SFG I skills. This shows they have maintained and improved their skills and are still committed not only to teaching strength but being strong themselves.

When and how are the SFG I (level 1) skills tested?

The SFG I skills are tested quickly on the first day, while candidates are still fresh. This test will be administered by our SFG II Instructors & Assistants.

What if I don’t pass the SFG I (level 1) skills during the re-test?

You will have 90 days to pass all skills.

Will I have time to learn the new skills or should I know how to do them in advance?

Like the SFG I, we recommend that all instructor candidates show up with basic proficiency in the advanced SFG II skills. These skills will be refined during the course of the 2 day event, but it’s important to have a basic understanding of the skills before we get started.

How long is the certification valid?

The SFG credential is good for two years.

Can I attend without testing?

You may! Many people do. Some forego the snatch test. Others forego certain skills testing.

Are spectators permitted?

They are not. However, you may check with the organizer of the SFG event to see if the event space has room for spectators during the graduation workout at the end.

Can I receive the manual in advance?

The manual can only be received at check-in, to ensure that only those who attend the Certification receive it. Many tell us that the manual, by itself, is worth the cost of admission.

How should I prepare?

SFG II is a tough certification. Like the SFG I, it is earned. It’s important to be strong & proficient in the 6 SFG I skills as you will be tested on them day 1. Once you pass the SFG I re-test, you will be taught the more advanced SFG II skills (mentioned here). You will also be tested on your ability to perform these movements and teach them to others. You will also need to pass a more advanced strength test. Men will need to do a 1/2 bodyweight KB press. Women will need to do a 1/3 bodyweight KB press. For more information on preparing for the SFG II, click here.

What if I don’t pass?

Many people do not pass the SFG II the first time they attend. The biggest cause of failure is the ½ or 1/3 bodyweight kettlebell press for men and women respectively. Those who do not pass the kettlebell press have an additional 6 months to achieve this feat of strength. For more information on how to pass later, click here.


The most common reason for failing the Level II is insufficient pressing strength. Take your time to build up your press and remember that there are no shortcuts. As a Russian saying goes, “To press a lot you must press a lot.”

The second most common reason for failing is a tight shoulder girdle and thoracic spine. Do your get-ups, halos, and arm bars.