SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level I Certification

SFG: the Gold Standard

Kettlebell Instructor Certification

Join the exclusive ranks of high-end kettlebell professionals — if you have what it takes.

The world-renowned SFG curriculum was developed by Pavel Tsatsouline, who pioneered kettlebell training in the West.


SFG is known as the most prestigious kettlebell certification existing today, for four primary reasons:


1. The system

StrongFirst presents an integrated approach to overall strength and fitness at the SFG Certification.

One does not merely learn “kettlebells” at the SFG. The SFG instructor candidate learns principles of strength, and the precise ways in which kettlebells should be used for developing, maximizing, and maintaining strength.

This explains how our graduates excel in their industry — they have a deeper understanding of strength and general fitness principles far beyond mere routines or textbook definitions.

The StrongFirst system is presented through three days of hands-on instruction, as well as within an extensive manual that is accessible only to attendees of the Certification.

StrongFirst is the system, and the kettlebell is the tool.

2. The instructors

SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certifications are taught by some of the most experienced and qualified kettlebell instructors on the planet. A select group of elite coaches, each have been personally-trained and hand-selected by Pavel.

There are only 12 Master SFG Instructors in the world, and each SFG Certification is led by one or more of them.

The SFG Certification is also known for its outstanding student-instructor ratio. We spare no expense to make sure each candidate receives the personalized attention they deserve — and, frankly, require — in order to become the best kettlebell instructors in the business.

3. The standards

If you have heard about the SFG, you have heard that it is tough.

The SFG Certification cannot merely be purchased — and not everyone who attends, passes. Each instructor candidate must perform to a very high standard in strength and technical precision in order to earn the SFG credential.

These elite athletes and coaches must then also maintain their SFG credential by recertifying every two years, to ensure that their knowledge and skills remain the highest in the industry. Read more about the testing here.


4. It is a true “teaching” certification

Personal training certifications typically award a credential without any hands-on instruction on how to actually work with a client (we prefer the term “student”).

All SFG graduates are fully-prepared for each new student encountered — we make sure of it. Examples for testing, cueing, and troubleshooting will be presented and practiced all weekend long, and the instructor must then also pass an actual “teaching test” on the final day of the Certification.

SFG Instructors don’t just learn the system — they learn how to teach the system to others.

Another of our recent graduates explains the StrongFirst difference:

A community committed to raising the bar for fitness professionals and coaches. The manual is a goldmine, and the weekend taught me the literacy required to sift through to find the gold. It has given me a better set of tools to expand my offerings as a trainer, and be able to condense my schedule without sacrificing the success of my students.

It is very clear that StrongFirst is committed to teaching TEACHING. Rather than categorical expertise alone, the instructors here are quality educators, not just subject experts. The willingness to be responsive and “agile” with the certification and education process is unique and very special. Thank you for setting a high water mark in the industry .” —Mark Reinke


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