Our Instructors are lead by an elite cadre of strength professionals known simply as the StrongFirst Leadership. Our members of leadership are hand selected by Pavel Tsatsouline or Brett Jones because of their own dedication and practice of our principles and their ability to teach these principles and methods to others.

  • Chief SFG: Our Chief SFG, Brett Jones, is tasked with maintaining the curriculum and standards for all of our Kettlebell Certifications and Courses. He is also responsible for developing and mentoring the rest of our SFG Leadership and SFGs (more on Brett Jones).
  • Chief SFL: Our Chief SFL, Dr. Michael Hartle, is tasked with maintaining the curriculum and standards for all of our Barbell Certifications and Courses. He is also responsible for the development and mentoring of our SFLs (more on Doc Hartle).
  • Chief SFB: Our Chief SFB, Karen Smith, is tasked with maintaining the curriculum and standards for all of our Bodyweight Certifications and Courses. She is also responsible for the development and mentoring of our SFBs (more on Karen Smith).
  • Master SFGs: Our Master SFGs have reached the pinnacle of achievement in the world of kettlebell training and instruction. They are all hand-selected by Pavel for their ability not only to demonstrate the skills but also for their ability to pass these skills on to others. Master Instructors serve as the Lead Kettlebell Instructors at our Certifications. For a list of our Master SFGs, click here.
    Tommy BlomSwedenView
    Shaun CairnsSouth AfricaView
    Andrea ChangUnited StatesView
    Jon EngumUnited StatesView
    Michael HartleUnited StatesView
    Zar HortonUnited StatesView
    Brett JonesUnited StatesView
    Peter LakatosHungaryView
    Jason MarshallUnited StatesView
    Doug NepodalUnited StatesView
    Phil ScaritoUnited StatesView
    Karen SmithUnited StatesView
    Fabio ZoninItalyView
  • Senior SFGs: Our Senior SFGs have proven themselves as Team Leaders timeĀ and time again at our live Certification events. They are all hand-selected by Pavel for the ability to demonstrate skills and their ability to help teach these skills to others. Senior Instructors lead teams at our Kettlebell Certifications. For a list of Senior SFGs, click here.
    Tim AlmondAustraliaView
    Mark ChengUnited StatesView
    Lance CoffelUnited StatesView
    Betsy CollieUnited StatesView
    Paul DanielsUnited StatesView
    Steve FreidesUnited StatesView
    Katschthaler GabiHungaryView
    Hector Gutierrez JrUnited StatesView
    John HeinzUnited StatesView
    Brandon HetzlerUnited StatesView
    Ronen KatzIsraelView
    Jeremy LayportUnited StatesView
    Pavel MacekCzechiaView
    Brad NelsonUnited StatesView
    Michael PerryUnited StatesView
    Michael RendleUnited StatesView
    Prentiss RhodesUnited StatesView
    Delaine RossUnited StatesView
    Joseph SansaloneUnited StatesView
    Alexandre SenartFranceView
    Cole SummersCanadaView
    Woochae YoonKorea, Republic ofView
  • SFG Team Leaders: Our Team Leaders have proven themselves as assistants at our events. They have been hand-chosen by either Pavel or Brett Jones. Team Leaders will lead teams, with help from our assistants, at our kettlebell Certifications. For a full list of SFG Team Leaders, click here.
    Ferenc AcsHungaryView
    Jody BeasleyUnited StatesView
    Massimo BonoraItalyView
    Claire BoothUnited KingdomView
    Anne CasstevensUnited StatesView
    Michael CastrogiovanniUnited StatesView
    Sara Dos SantosUnited StatesView
    Ron FarringtonUnited StatesView
    Ricardo GarciaUnited StatesView
    Tony GraciaUnited StatesView
    Debbie HayesUnited StatesView
    Valerie HedlundUnited StatesView
    Scott IardellaUnited StatesView
    Martine KerrUnited Arab EmiratesView
    Scott MacIntoshSouth AfricaView
    Craig MarkerUnited StatesView
    Benjamin MayerIsraelView
    Granville MayersCanadaView
    Matt McBrydeUnited StatesView
    Derek MillerUnited StatesView
    Steve MillesUnited StatesView
    Gary MusicUnited StatesView
    Reneta MusicUnited StatesView
    Brian MyersUnited StatesView
    Roxanne MyersUnited StatesView
    Ricardo NievesUnited StatesView
    Jason PakUnited StatesView
    Lauren PerreaultUnited StatesView
    Tiago ProencaBrazilView
    Oliver QuinnIrelandView
    Darvas RachelHungaryView
    Sasa RajnovicCroatiaView
    Dustin RippetoeUnited StatesView
    Danny SawayaUnited StatesView
    Artemis ScantalidesUnited StatesView
    Nikki ShlosserUnited StatesView
    James SjostromUnited StatesView
    Mark SnowUnited StatesView
    Jeff SokolUnited StatesView
    Mike SousaUnited StatesView
    John SpezzanoUnited StatesView
    Jozsef StefanovicsHungaryView
    Yoana TeranUnited StatesView
    Derek ToshnerUnited StatesView
    Ryan ToshnerUnited StatesView
    Ervin TothHungaryView
    Asha WagnerUnited StatesView
    Dariusz WalusPolandView
    Brian WrightUnited StatesView
    Jimmy YuanUnited StatesView
    Cristian ZeddaItalyView