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    Good evening,

    I’d like to know if the Tactical Barbell Program is a good program for a complete beginner in strength training?

    I am athletic: 12 min cooper test-3000 meters; 20 BW Pull-ups, but I’ like to starting strength training.

    My goals are: getting stronger and ready for my future job(I’m in the Police Academy College), while gaining a little of mass(not much, but I’d like to look better).

    I have a fully equipped gym Sunday til Thursday.

    Thanks in advance.



    Peter, Tactical Barbell is an awesome program and I pretty much use their templates for all my barbell work. I’m also in tactical law enforcement (ERT).
    But TB is waved periodization, I believe. If you’re a complete novice, I’d personally start with a basic 5×5 program first. Pavel’s 3×5 for tactical in Beyond Bodybuilding is perfect, or maybe something like stronglifts.

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