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    Good evening,

    I’d like to know if the Tactical Barbell Program is a good program for a complete beginner in strength training?

    I am athletic: 12 min cooper test-3000 meters; 20 BW Pull-ups, but I’ like to starting strength training.

    My goals are: getting stronger and ready for my future job(I’m in the Police Academy College), while gaining a little of mass(not much, but I’d like to look better).

    I have a fully equipped gym Sunday til Thursday.

    Thanks in advance.



    Peter, Tactical Barbell is an awesome program and I pretty much use their templates for all my barbell work. I’m also in tactical law enforcement (ERT).
    But TB is waved periodization, I believe. If you’re a complete novice, I’d personally start with a basic 5×5 program first. Pavel’s 3×5 for tactical in Beyond Bodybuilding is perfect, or maybe something like stronglifts.

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    Thanks for your reply tangozero.

    I don’t like the idea of squatting 3 times a week(stronglifts) because of Judo and Sports Classes.

    I’m decided to buy Tactical Barbell to use in the future, but before I really want a concrete program to follow. So, Power to the People? Easy Strength?



    Jon Seelye


    Given your Judo and other sports practice, I would recommend starting with PTTP. Not too much volume, and you’ll have enough energy to perform at practices and any other tasks you may need to do preparing for the academy.

    Good Luck,




    Peter, in that case Pavel’s 3 x 5 in BB would be my recommendation. There are two different sessions you rotate between 3 x week, so at most you’d be squatting twice a week. You don’t really have to include squats at all if you don’t want to, you could do weighted pistols or something similar along with deads.

    You’ll be doing a lot of running at the academy, so having 3 days of strength training plus 3 days to work on your cardio and calisthenics is going to make your life a lot easier logistics-wise.
    You’ll have plenty of time after the academy for more in depth strength training or whatever else you want to do.

    add: you won’t gain much mass (if any) on pttp if that’s one of your considerations

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    Thanks a lot for your time gentlemen, I’ll follow the guidelines and report back in a couple of months.




    Does tactical barbell have any linear periodization template?

    In the table of contents its says “Progression for beginners”..What does it look like?

    (I did not buy the book yet).


    Phil E

    Peter, I think either PTTP or Easy Strength would be an excellent choice.



    Thing is: I’d like to gain some mass..

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