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StrongFirst Instruction

“No citizen has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training”—Socrates

Because strength has a greater purpose and is the foundational physical capacity, StrongFirst offers education and instruction to assist you in your physical training.

The branches of the StrongFirst School of Strength are here to guide you in building your strength: Kettlebell, Barbell, and Bodyweight training offer many options in your training. In addition, we offer cutting edge Programming education and information.

How can StrongFirst best assist you in achieving your goals?

Enjoy training on your own? Our books, online course, extensive articles, and podcasts are excellent resources for learning the basic techniques of our training principles.

Seeking an interactive learning experience? Our One-Day Courses are ideal for those just learning or those wanting to sharpen their technique. Our Course Instructors will teach you the essential skills, techniques, and principles for safe and effective training. Read more about our Kettlebell, Barbell, and Bodyweight Courses.

Ready to test yourself, teach others, and take your strength education to the next level? Our Instructor Certifications are two and three arduous days of learning our principle-based system and the safe, proper way to use and teach our training methodology to others. Each candidate must meet a high standard in strength, movement skill, and coaching to earn their certified instructor rank. Expect to be challenged and tested. Do not take your preparation lightly. Skills to be tested are as currently designated on our Certification requirements pages: SFG ISFG IISFBSFL.

Round out your strength knowledge with our exclusive seminars. Our Special Events will help you continue your StrongFirst education. Plan Strong™, Strong Endurance™, Second Wind, StrongFirst RESILIENT, and All-Terrain Conditioning™ couple our principles of strength with a specific focus that delivers techniques and tools to enhanced performance.

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StrongFirst Gyms

We have over 40 accredited gyms around the globe, so when traveling or just wanting to get a practice session in with other StrongFirst Instructors, search our StrongFirst Accredited Gyms webpage to locate a gym near you.

Want to become a StrongFirst Accredited Gym? All of our accredited gyms members enjoy the name recognition, trust, and legitimacy that comes with their official StrongFirst affiliation, among many other benefits! Review the Accredited Gym requirements and the application to apply here. Learn more about our Accredited Gyms here.

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StrongFirst Forum

We invite you to join our community. The StrongFirst Forum is an exceptional resource. This is the School of Strength’s playground for connecting with like-minded individuals to share, discuss, and learn about all strength training-related topics. Our forum focuses on quality interaction and maintaining a high standard of etiquette. Our brother- and sisterhood of iron have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and our forum is the platform for engaging in the conversation.

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