TSC Fall 2020 Report

Competition Edition Recap

StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor

It has been a difficult year for gyms around the world. However, our spirits were lifted by the tenacity of hosts and competitors in the TSC Competition Edition. When some countries went back on lockdown, many gyms were able to loan out their equipment to competitors to carry on their training. Those athletes who competed at home, via a video submission, were still able to enjoy encouragement from their coaches and training partners. Gyms that were able to host TSC witnessed high energy competition and the athletes were grateful for the experience.

Participating virtually in the snatch test

Before announcing the results, I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor Ryan Toshner who worked behind the scenes answering emails, handling transfers, managing IT, etc. Plainly, this competition would not have gotten on without him. From all of us: thank you, Ryan!

Beginning with the Women’s Competition Division, Jackie Michaels-Vazquez, of The Gym WB, placed first overall with a first-place finish in every category! Jackie performed 142 snatches in 5 minutes with a 20kg kettlebell. We’ve often wondered if 150 repetitions are possible in either the men’s or women’s Competition Division, and she is approaching that possibility! Her 405lb deadlift claimed the title of the strongest woman in any TSC division. She also did 18 pullups, again #1 in her division. Dina Power from The Yard Athletic placed second overall, and the third place went to Rosemary Squillace.

A fairly heavy deadlift

The Classic 12kg and 16kg Divisions champions were the only two who one-upped Jackie on pullups. Jenny Donovan, of Barefoot Fitness Spearfish, the Classic 16kg Division winner, did most pullups: 20. Ramona Pöhler, the Classic 12kg Division winner, performed the most pullups in her division with 19 repetitions. She also had the division’s best deadlift of 317.5lbs.

Lisa Hogan placed second in the Women’s Classic 16kg Division and her deadlift of 395lb was #1. Kristin Scheuerman, from The Gym WB, won this division’s snatch event with 140 reps, and Anna Pawlak and Kristie Charles tied for the third in the overall.

McKennah Orth placed second in the Classic 12kg Division, winning the snatch event with 154 repetitions. Sarita Cantu placed third with a total of 14 points. (The lower the point total, the better. One point is awarded for the first place, two points for the second, three for the third, and so on. A competitor’s points are the sum total of their places in each of the three events.)

In the Women’s Novice Divisions, Megan Mueller and Lori Gott claimed the titles; Taylor Gall and Karen Gasparick were runners up. There was a tie for the third in the Classic 12kg between Kayla Gritzmacher and Jeong yun Kwak. Our third-place finisher in the Classic 16kg Division was Teal Price. Strong work, ladies!

Lucy Smith won the Women’s Masters Division. She was #1 in pullups (15 reps) and snatches (141 reps). Joanne Millis came in second with 7 total points, and Sue Sudbeck won the deadlift with a 280lb pull, which gave her a third-place finish.

Onto men’s divisions.

Kyle Kowalczuk placed first in the Competition Division. Kyle had a whopping 35 strict pullups, which is among the most ever counted in the TSC. Alex Tanskey placed second. There was a tie for the third place between Piotr Marciszewski—who won the snatch event (129 reps)—and Luke Donovan. Both competitors had 16 points. Brandon Sanborn pulled the heaviest deadlift in any division, 640lbs.

Hanging before the next pull-up

Kevin Driscoll won the Men’s Classic with 19 total points. Lee Seungyoung was the runner-up and Ryan Zuver the third-place finisher, with the best deadlift of the division at 565lbs. David Smit won the snatch event with 141 repetitions and Darius Sangari was the pullup champion with 27 reps.

In the Men’s Novice Division, Keith Benjamin won the first place, while also claiming the pullup title with 28 repetitions. Marius Maianu was the runner up with 30 total points and Kristian Brown placed third with 36 points.

In the Masters, Scott McElroy placed first with 6 points and was #1 in the snatch event (119 repetitions). Wallace Jones was the runner-up, and Chris DeLambo finished third.

In the Competition Edition of the TSC (the event held in October each year), we award prizes. This fall, the first place finishers in Women’s and Men’s Competition Divisions will receive their choice of attending either a Strong Endurance or a Plan Strong seminar. Second place finishers will be invited to attend an All-Terrain Conditioning Course at a location of their choice. Third place finishers will receive a StrongFirst Fundamentals 3-Pack of video courses (kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight).

Thank you to all athletes, hosts, and judges! We hope to see all your names on the leaderboard again next May!

A successful deadlift performed to cheers from the crowd