TSC Spring 2021 Report

Community Edition Recap

StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor

The 2021 Community Edition of the Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is in the history books, and we have some amazing things to share with you. First, we had 421 registrants, which is up from last year and marching back toward pre-COVID times. We still have many countries unable to compete in-person and a fair amount of folks participating via video submission, but the experience was electric for those that were able to participate in small groups.

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There are four divisions in the TSC for both men and women. There are three events in each division. The overall winner is decided by the lowest point total accumulated by 1pt for each place finished in each event. Every division gets three attempts at a maximum deadlift. The second event for the Women’s Novice Division is the flexed arm hang.  All other divisions perform strict pullups for their second event. The third, and final, event is the 5-minute snatch test.  Both the Men’s and Women’s Novice Divisions, and the Men’s and Women’s Master’s Divisions use a 20kg and 12kg kettlebell respectively. The Women’s Classic Division snatches a 16kg kettlebell, and the Men’s Classic uses a 24kg kettlebell. Finally, the Competition or Pre-Competition Divisions use up to 20kg for women and 32kg for men, depending on body weight.

Women’s Divisions

The overall champion in the Women’s Novice Division was 14-year old Annabelle Gonnering. At a body weight of only 118 lbs, Annabelle deadlifted 255 lbs, held a flexed arm hang for 81 seconds, and performed 144 kettlebell snatches in 5-minute. Event winners in the Novice Division include Stokes with a 350lb deadlift, Paige Peterson with a flexed arm hang of 2-min 18-sec, and Teal Price with 152 repetitions in the 5-min snatch test.

In the Classic Women’s Division, Abby Keyes won the overall with a 335-lb deadlift, 16 pullups (which was also first in that event), and 125 snatches. Katharine Armero had the best deadlift at 365 lbs, and there was a 2-way tie between Jane Pavalkis and McKennah Orth with 147 snatches each.

Hannah Haughey took first place, overall, in the Women’s Pre-Competition Division. Hannah was first place in the snatches with 108, had a deadlift of 325 lbs, and performed 6 pullups. Alison Young and Charlene Richardson tied for 2nd, and all three of these ladies will receive a free entry into the Competition Division in October. Karen Gasparick had the heaviest deadlift in the division with a pull of 325 lbs, and Emma won the pullups with 12 reps.

Wrapping up the women’s divisions were our master’s participants with Jean-Marie Roddy placing first in the overall and in kettlebell snatches. She pulled 280 lbs, performed 5 pullups, and repped out 146 snatches. Lydia Milton won the pullups with 12, and Janelle Mault topped the deadlift at 320 lbs.

Men’s Divisions

Switching to the men’s divisions, Robert Loudenslager placed first, overall, in the Novice Division. He had a 500-lb deadlift, performed 16 pullups, and 120 kettlebell snatches. Alex Hagebn-Weis performed the most snatches at 145, and the biggest deadlift pull came from Mo Sang Hyeok at 529 lbs. Mo and Alex Abugov tied in pullups with 25 reps.

Jumping to the Men’s Classic Division, Lucas Broncato was our overall champion with a 506-lb deadlift, 19 pullups, and 138 snatches. The biggest pull came from Ryan Zuver at 545lbs, the most pullups from Marcin Gajcy at 23, and the most snatches from Rafix at 143 reps.

Our Men’s Pre-Competition Division had a tie for first between Marcin Lindstedt and Kyle Kowalczuk at 7 points. Kyle took first in the pullups with an outstanding 37 strict reps. Piotr Marciszewski topped the snatch event with 140 reps and will be joining Marcin and Kyle with a free entry into October’s Competition Division. Tim Barrett had the largest pull at 585 lbs.

Finally, the Men’s Master’s Division was won by Joris De Schepper. He had 12 total points with a 353-lb deadlift, 12 pullups, and a first place finish in snatching with 119 reps. Rene Charles had the biggest pull on the day, with 484 lbs, and Thomas Walsh had the most pullups with 22.

Congrats to all participants. And thank you to all participants, hosts, judges, and spectators for pushing this event forward. Soon, we will be back to our regular events held around the globe. We look forward to seeing you all again (and some for the first time!) in October.