TSC Results Fall 2017

All TSC information is available at: Tactical Strength Challenge Results Page

The TSC rules demand that, to ensure fair judging, athletes placing in the top three in each division submit videos of their performance, filmed at angles allowing our expert panel to review the number of reps and their compliance with the competition rules and, if necessary, to adjust the score.

Our judging panel has examined the videos of the first place winners in all divisions (beyond first place in some others) and verified their scores. We are posting the winners with verified scores in the below table. If you have any questions, please contact tsc@strongfirst.com.

Women’s Novice
1st Kelsey Lightfield
2nd Katie Ludwig
Women’s Novice 16KG
1st Julie Bigger
2nd Stephanie Marotta
3rd Angela Walker
Women’s Open
1st Sara McBride
2nd Noriko Kariya
3rd Lisa H.
Women’s Open 12KG
1st Eva Docen
2nd Charissa Hulse
Women’s Elite
1st Jackie Michaels
2nd Hyunjin Choi
3rd(tie) Jessica McCutcheon-Schour
3rd(tie) Debbie Hayes
3rd(tie) Analisa Naldi
Women’s Masters
1st Patti Opalacz
2nd Salwa Flewell
Men’s Novice
1st Ray Vazquez
2nd Josh Sherwell
Men’s Open
1st Dale Taylor
2nd Andrew Soderstrom
Men’s Elite
1st Adam DeMarais
2nd Tim Barrett
3rd Karl
Men’s Masters
1st Mike Knight
2nd Steven Surgeoner

We are separately posting the scores from the original scorecards (not verified) below. The original scorecards might have a different rank order as we could only verify the winners who had complete videos. If you notice errors in the below table, please send an email to TSC@strongfirst.com.