SFG II Kettlebell Certification Testimonials

Read what have people said about the SFG II Certification

Best three days of my life. Yes that’s saying a lot. The quality of instruction has been beyond compare. No egos, no drama. I need a thesaurus to come up with more words for awesome. The instructors are patient, kind, funny, professional, generous with their knowledge and experience. Amazing coaches. Just the right cues at just the right time, every time. So honored to have been part of such an epic event. I leave a better person. Thank you!

Karen Rossler, Washington, D.C.

This cert was a reinforcement that I am involved in the best fitness education possible, and some of the most courteous, knowledgeable, and professional people I’ve met. It’s gotten me to a personal level that I wasn’t sure I could attain. My clients may never understand what SFG means, but it means everything to me.

Marc Andresen, trainer, New York, NY

Everything I expected, and more! Skills vastly improved, new friendships made, going home with the tools to become considerably stronger! All of my clients’ skills will be improved, with even less injury risk and MORE POWERFUL performance. My own hip and core power is really dialed-in, I have greater striking power in my Wing Tsun. Instruction is top notch, by professionals who walk the walk!

Steve McMinn, gym owner, Vancouver, BC

Awesome! Every time I attend a StrongFirst event, I learn something new, and I get that much better at the fundamentals, as both a coach and practitioner.

Paul Lyngso, gym owner, Burr Ridge, IL

I [have the following multiple certifications]. Furthermore, I have a BS in Exercise and Sport Science and M.Ed. in Physical Education with emphasis in Sport and Fitness Admin. NO certification, workshop, class or course has challenged my strength or taught me more about heavy lifting or muscular endurance than SFG II. Thank you!

Brook Benten, trainer, Round Rock, TX

Truly amazing. In my career, the Level I was the most impactful to my success… up to this point.

Charles (CJ) Erickson, Kirkland, WA

This was the best cert I have attended since I began pursuing certification as a kettlebell instructor. Completing this weekend is an intense personal achievement. It is an honor to be a part of, and to represent StrongFirst. Everything about StrongFirst is superlative. I look forward to continuing my relationship with StrongFirst and learning even more of how to improve myself personally and professionally. Thank you!

Michael Rossler, Washington, D.C.

As a performance coach and physical therapist, I have gained so many valuable tools and have continued to refine my skills that will be invaluable in my journey toward proficiency and mastery. Exceptional instruction, excellent environment for learning: encouraging, supporting, and amazing attendees.

Arianne Missimer, Physical Therapist, Newark, DE

The SFG II was an incredible experience. The knowledge and expertise is second to none! The instructors are the best in the business. Keep up the great work!

Ed Cashin, gym owner, East Hampton, NY

I had high expectations because of my amazing experience at Level I and those expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Amazing instruction, well organized, and so supportive. I love the StrongFirst community. Leadership without EGO sets this cert apart. I can’t express enough how much of a difference it makes for me when an instructor with a big role in the organization remains humble and approachable.

Lauren Perreault, gym owner, Somerville, MA

Like falling in love all over again.

Jeff Sokol, trainer, Seattle, WA

Incredible. Humbling. Defining. This community as a whole is so giving and supportive. I am continually in awe of the mass of knowledge, experience, and skill at one of these certs.

Debbie Hayes, counselor, trainer, Silver Creek, GA

There is no better instruction.

Eric Lauterbach, Atlanta, GA