SFL Barbell Recertification

Keeping your SFL certification current

You put in the time and effort to earn your SFL Instructor status; don’t let it slip away! In order to continue to have access to your Instructor Only site, with exclusive content created for and available to our Instructors, the Instructor apparel store, an Instructor listing on the website and access to special discounts with our partners, please select one of the recertification options below:

  1. Attend the 3-day SFL Certification
  2. Video Recertification
  3. Unified Recertification

1. Attend the 3-day SFL Certification




You need only register for the SFL prior to your cert’s current expiration date, to qualify for the recertification price of $500. This means that if an event is listed for December, for example, but your credential expires in October, you’re okay to attend for $500 as long as you are registered before October. There is no maximum length for this carryover.


Email the Certification organizer from the event’s registration page to request your recertification code for that particular event. Remember: You must be registered prior to your cert’s expiration date to receive the recert rate of $500.


You will attend all three days, just as if you were going through for the first time.

2. Video Recertification

Rather than appearing in person to test out your technique and update your instruction skills, you will supply them via video and receive a personal evaluation with the Chief SFL via Skype or FaceTime, with 90 minutes to discuss programming, correctives, or other individualized materials.



Eligibility and Details

You must submit your Video Recertification registration prior to your Certification’s current expiration date, to qualify for this option. This option will extend your SFG credentials for two years after the video testing date. This option cannot be chosen in succession for your next recertification. (You must choose one of the other options before again recertifying via video.) A new manual is not included with the video recertification.

You may write in your preferred Master Instructor within the form (or, if left blank, one will be assigned to you).  Once your registration submission is received, your Master Instructor will contact you to schedule your video session. The session is LIVE real-time via Skype or FaceTime. You’ll have 2-months from the registration submission date to complete your recertification.

Review the SFL Barbell Certification requirements

REGISTER HERE for the Video Recertification option.


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