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Problems Logging In or Posting a New Message

I can't post replies to existing threads and I can't create new threads, either - what's wrong?

You probably haven't logged in - please login to the forum with the username and password you created for yourself.

I can't login - it tells me my password is wrong but I don't remember what my password is.

Please use the Reset Password button on the login screen. It will send a message to the email address you used when you registered on the forum - click on that link to reset your password.

I can't login and I don't have access to the email I used when I first registered on the forum.

If you know your username, we may be able to change the email on file to your current email address, and then you could use the Password Reset to get back in.

If you don't remember your username and you don't have access to your original email, you have a problem we can't directly solve. You'll need to create a new username and password and register it using a current, valid email address to which you have access. Once you are logged in, you may send us a message (top right of the screen, Start a New Conversation, address to forum admin Steve Freides) and ask us to combine your two accounts.

Why is the time wrong on all the messages I posted?

It's not only wrong there, it's wrong everywhere if you haven't set the preferred Time Zone in your profile. Please do that for yourself.

Why does the forum look different all of a sudden?

Beginning on September 5, 2015, our forum uses a popular, well-tested platform which will allow us to continue to change and grow it as our needs dictate - and as our users suggest!

Where are all the old threads and messages?

You will find them under "Old StrongFirst Forum"

What happened to my avatar (little picture of me shown near my name)?

This is one of the things that did not make it over from the old forum. Please go into your profile and add a picture.

I’m going back to the blog and am asked to log in again - Why?

There is a function to connect your account on the blog with the account on the forum. If you log in to the forum and return to StrongFirst you will automatically be asked to log in to your blog (WordPress) account but only once, and after that, your accounts will by synchronized.

For more information, click here.

[Note: this only applies if you had an account on the StrongFirst site prior to the forum move on September 4, 2015]

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