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  1. Programming Improv (Pavel 80/20 | Faleev 5x5) Program @ 3x Week Same Volume

    Approx Time Read: ~3-5min Hi everyone! Its me again, the analysis freak. ;-) This is Pavel's 80/20| Faleev's 5x5 with the exact same volume across the board but with 3x the frequency ala Grease the Groove. Progression is the same. Add 10lbs when you complete all 5 sets of 5. Keep the load if...
  2. awito

    Other/Mixed Adding Calisthenics to Barbell 5x5 Linear Progression

    Hey all, I'm coming back to lifting after a couple of months of break due to health problems I encountered. I started doing a 5x5 Linear Progression program to increase my strength with the basic movements (squat, bench, deadlift, row, overhead press) back to my previous levels. But with the...
  3. quentin__bsbl

    Barbell Lighter weight for a better progression?

    hello I am currently doing the 5x5 madcow. And I replaced the '' Barbell Row '' with weighted pull-ups. I used the madcow calculator and my weight for the pull-ups seems very heavy. I also have trouble finishing some series while the% compared to my 1 RM is the same as for the other exercises...
  4. Barbell 5x5 intensity for maintenance

    Hey guys. I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it if so. I’ll be implementing quite a bit of cardio for the next 8 weeks for an event. Most of my efforts usually are in the barbell/kettlebell. Deadlift is +2x body weight, recently set pr’s in bench, overhead...
  5. Other/Mixed Beginning 5x5 Any Excel / Google Sheets?

    Hey guys, New to this all, just heard Pavel on JRE. I definitely want to implement this training. I am just sort of confused where to begin. I'd say I am an intermediate lifter. Does anyone of Excel or google sheet templates for the program? Please advise. Thanks
  6. Kettlebell Training Beyond 32kg

    Hello all, First, let me take a moment and introduce myself, my name is Brian and I've been following an ETK-like program for a little less than a year now to boost my rowing performance. Prior to this, I experimented with a few different weight routines before finding something that was...
  7. freshhugoabrantes

    Other/Mixed From PRE-OBSITY (weed, drink, vid games) to FIT in a 1,5years: HOW? The programs and my story

    Hey! With Gratitude, i wanted to share the programs that got me from: Depression, weed, drinking, vid games to FIT, sober and strong In JUST 1,5 years The programs: Mindset, lifestyle: Blog – 3 Impact Training Stronglifts 5x5: StrongLifts 5x5: The Simplest Workout To Get Stronger Elliot's...
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