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  1. Other/Mixed Thoughts on Heart Rate and Maf

    Everywhere I go on the internet, I see questions about heart rate training. Questions like: What heart rate should I be at to stay aerobic? How do I calculate MAF for my particular activity? I, too, was very confused for a VERY long time because almost everyone is looking at the...
  2. Jacobcutt

    Kettlebell EZ Strength with A+A

    Team, I am going on my third year of kettlebell training. I began with S&S on a 40lb bell. I acquired the 53 and the 72, cycling through S&S. Timeless Simple was achieved. For reference: 31 year old male, 148lbs (+- 2) 5'8", Lieutenant in the US Army. Over the past eight - nine months, I...
  3. Kettlebell Long sets below MAF

    Hi, I would like to know if someone trains continuously below MAF with KB. Not in A+A style (anaerobic effort + aerobic recovery), but only aerobically without any rest and lower weight. I know that in girevoy (KB sport), they execute longer sets, but as fas as i know it's done in a highly...
  4. Other/Mixed Aerobic Training Question

    Hey everyone! This is my first post on the forum but I've had the pleasure of going to a Strongfirst event (Kettlebell course) last year in my home city of Sydney, Australia. I'm a novice/white belt BJJ competitor who is now balancing BJJ and boxing with some S&C fit in where I can. Over the...
  5. Pasibrzuch

    Kettlebell KB ballistics for CPI

    Hey everyone, I know SF forum is lazy-endurance oriented place (which I love!). However, has anyone experience with using kettlebell ballistics for cardiac power intervals? If you're unfamiliar with CPI training is going Max HR for 60-120sec and then resting 2-5 minutes or to the HR of 120bpm...
  6. Harald Motz

    Bodyweight aerobic base work

    I am almost 10 weeks into relaxed aerobic running (130-140bpm at my MAF of 140), the last weeks almost daily for around an hour. I really enjoy it because of its mindlessness, listening to the sound of the steps, or of the breathing, automatic swinging of legs and arms, upright posture forward...
  7. banzaiengr

    Other/Mixed Metabolic Concepts In Return to Running

    Great article regarding the use of HR (MAF) when healing from an injury. Metabolic Concepts In Return To Running
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