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anti glycolitic

  1. Quincyh_SFG

    Kettlebell A.X.E. - Recovery and appetite?

    Hey guys...3rd week running the AXE Protocol with H2H swings. Settled on the 48kg for sets of 4 up to 30 rounds and I am training only the AXE Swings 3x/ week. I coach full time so, this is working well for me on its own. 2 things I have noticed and would like to know if anyone else is...
  2. Other/Mixed Anti Glycolactic Training

    Hi. Can one do anti glycolactic training with sprinting? What would the time one would sprint and rest? Thanks!
  3. quentin__bsbl

    Bodyweight HIRT/ATG vs HIIT (questions)

    Hello I am preparing for the tests of the DSU (intervention group of the Belgian federal police) I am 17 years old, I am already training by doing: - Weighted FPP - GTG one arm pull up - S&S 3x / week - RZ 3x / week - Running 3-4x / week So I inquired about increasing my cardio and so I quickly...
  4. Barbell More on trap bar

    Hello everyone. I re-began working out about last June(after basically many years off) as I lost 20lbs after lockdown and wanted to get strong. I am 65yo, 5'7 and 163 now. I have access to my kettlebells in 35, 50 and a single 70 (I have a 100 too which I got for a hundred bucks and can...
  5. mark reinke

    Other/Mixed Strong Endurance 033c questions

    Questions at bottom. Context: I am prepping for a rucking event and a 3 day, ~40 mile Backcountry hike. I'm a couple of weeks into the strong endurance 033c protocol. I'm using a 32kg bell. When I tested baseline at the beginning of the protocol, I settled with the 32 because I thought that...
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