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  1. Kettlebell Enter the Kettlebell back pain

    Hello. I started doing the exercises in this video (Enter the Kettlebell): . About me: I am a 30 yr old male, ~6' tall, ~155 lbs. I spend a lot of time sitting in a chair with posture that is not great, but not terrible. Movement: I have not had a functional movement screen, but I think my...
  2. Other/Mixed Progression to swings

    On the 12/27/2018 StrongFirst podcast, Dr. McGill explains (41:45-42:06) that not everyone can do swings. He said some people need to "build [a] stiffened foundation first." Have any of you worked with students who you realized had to do other training before starting swings? If so, what...
  3. Barbell Being Upper Back Dominant Versus Lat Dominant

    Hello Everybody, I am sure most of you have dealt with back development in the past and dealing with it now. I've done A LOT of pull ups in the past and my lats grew wide as a consequence. I recently read Pavel's Tactical Pull-up and Discussion of Rows articles. In this Tactical Pull-up...
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