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  1. Barbell StrongFirst DVD and Choice of Disk Plates

    Hi- Thank you for putting so much into the StrongFirst DVD in a concise manner. I started watching it and like it a lot. btw, the disk plates used in the DVD are not the rubber coated ones, and have handles. Planning to buy my own set of disk plates and wondering whether you favor plates...
  2. Mitchell Bernier

    Mitch Bernier - (Blended) Power and Bodyweight

    Hi all!!! Small intro: 37 years old, 160lbs SFL certified, former USA (Metro) boxing boxer @ 135lbs and 147lbs (53-13-1), FMS and USATF certified, CSCS in the works, Currently a marathoner 8 months yearly, the other 4-5 months powerlifter Recent injuries: About 6 months ago I tweaked my back...
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