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  1. Kettlebell Kettlebell Swing Enhancer? Thoughts On This Unpopular Exercise

    In 'Beyond Bodybuilding' Pavel mentions the 'Hip Pull-Through' as being a fantastic exercise for glutes/deadlifts. Where can i find more info about this exercise? Isnt it like the kettlebell swing? I called it unpopular because I cant find anyone recommending this as the 'go to' glute exercise.
  2. Other/Mixed 6 Week Hypertrophy Cycle

    Hello Everybody, I have read through this forum but I can not find any answers to the following questions with regards to the 6 Week Hypertrophy Cycle that I read on Beyond Bodybuilding. If you would be so kind, I would greatly appreciate your help. Please keep in mind that my vain goal is to...
  3. Bodyweight Progressive Movement Training and bodyweight

    I have been reading Beyond Bodybuilding, and have recently reread the chapter about 'Progressive Movement Training'. In summary, you can gain squat or bench press strength by lifting heavy with a partial range of motion, and gradually increasing the range of motion. It seemed like pistol squats...
  4. Barbell Can someone explain power cycles kettlebells and deadlifts part II

    i recently read pavels beyond bodybuilding and he displays a power cycle my question was do power cycles build or display strength and what is the difference between power cycles and peaking ? And thank you
  5. Philippe Geoffrion

    Conjugate Calisthenics

    This is my first post for StrongFirst. As an avid reader of Pavel's works, I have decided to put one of his hypertrophy programs to the test! Beyond Bodybuilding is a treasure trove of knowledge and if you haven't picked it up, I highly recommend it! That is where this program can be found. As a...
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