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  1. Bodyweight Adding Simple and Sinister to Naked Warrior

    Hello, just to answer the basic questions first: relevant demographics: I'm 23, Male, 6'1, 155, and pretty low body fat (I'd say 12% based on eyeballing it) - injury history: no injury history that I can think of, except that i sometimes experience joint pain in my elbow or knee, but only if...
  2. Bodyweight MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym

    This is posted with my permission. I have edited it. Steve Freides, Forum Admin ----------------------- Dear Strong First Community, I’d like to ask for your review of my free book – MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym FREE on Kindle for 5 days. Multiple sets of reps is too vague for me with my...
  3. Todd Friedrich

    Bodyweight DD Neuro-Grips

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has experimented with DD Neuro-Grips for pushups. I'm currently doing Simple & Sinister, but was looking to add some pushup training as well. Looking for some feedback about them. Thanks
  4. Bodyweight Hypertrophy with calisthenics protocol

    How could I use the Strongfirst's principles for increasing muscle mass with bodyweight exercises only? Does it make sense to use the rules of the PTTP Russian Bear protocol: sets of 5-10 push ups with shorter - 1 min~ breaks for a higher volume? Or should I turn towards something like Prof...
  5. Bodyweight One day bodyweight course expectations

    Hey guys, I'm looking at taking the October bodyweight 1-day course in Exeter, NH. Should I look into getting the Naked Warrior or any other resources to prep for the workshop? I'm not really sure how the schedule of the workshop itself breaks down and would like to get as much from the...
  6. Carl

    Bodyweight L Sit Experiences

    Hi all, I have built up to a fairly stable L Sit hold position from parallel bars. However my legs are an inch or so from the point of being parallel to the ground. I seem to be stuck here a little. I'm assuming it's a strength, or technique, issue rather than flexibility as I have a decent...
  7. Carl

    Bodyweight How Much Variability is Enough?

    Hi all, My current goals are pretty tightly focused on some bodyweight goals revolving around basics (chins, dips and hover lunges). In terms of programming, I am wondering if just varying grip, volume, effort (same but different) is enough variability over the course of the training year or...
  8. Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB Steve Maxwell's Garage Gorilla Metabolic Conditioning

    Hi guys, Does anyone have experience with this routine that Steve has on his site? I'm interested in it due to the minimalist styling, but was hoping to get a review from someone who had tried it directly. I'm also interested in thoughts on any of Steve's other digital downloads. Thanks!
  9. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Coaching to Elevate Others

    Coaches - Your #1 goal personally and professionally should be to elevate others. How many opportunities day to day do you have to practice this? Do you know someone who achieved something big for them? This achievement may be below your skill level, but it's not about you it's about them...
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