1. Carl

    Any plans for 1 day bodyweight course in UK?

    I’ve been keeping an eye out but no joy as yet for 2020. Any plans @Karen Smith, @Steve Freides or @Pavel Macek?
  2. Jason Marshall

    StrongFirst Kettlebell Course Coming to Houston!

    For anyone interested in attending a StrongFirst Kettlebell Course, check out the link below. I will be teaching this course at Valeo Fit in the Houston area on Saturday, April 13 from 9am to 5pm. StrongFirst Kettlebell Course—Houston, Texas, USA I will also be teaching a Barbell Course the...
  3. Getting the most out of the SF Kettlebell course

    I am going to take the Strongfirst Kettlebell one day course soon. Any tips on getting the most out of the 8 hour class? For example, is it common to ask someone to video you to help you review your form? Is there much volume of work on the day, so should I skip my normal routine the day before...
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