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  1. Kettlebell When running is your main sport

    Hello to all, Do any of you have an endurance sport as your main sport (running, cycling, triathlon...) and use the SF principles in support? What planning do you use depending on the time of the season? I'm progressively resuming a running program with a goal of 5-6 workouts per week with 3-4...
  2. Adachi

    Barbell Barbell Cycle Selection

    I'm eyeballing another strength cycle. Due to time constraints, I do a lot more planning, to try and strategize for getting the most out of very limited training time per week. I am considering a barbell cycle utilizing a Deadlift and Floor press. Cycle design Goals, Constraints & Parameters...
  3. Barbell Cycling without prescribing volume

    When cycling load should you always keep the reps and sets the same? Whenever I’ve cycled my barbell training I do it by gradually upping the weight and keeping everything else the same. I’ve done this ever since I read PTTP. Usually I do 5-3-2 reps and keep upping the weight till I hit a 5RM...
  4. J.C.S.

    Kettlebell Cycling and KB

    Anyone incorporate kettlebells with cycling (or any other aerobic activity)? I would like to ride a century and a few gravel grinders this season and curious to see how others prioritize this type of training. Man Cave Training Log
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