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deadlift issue

  1. Abishai

    Barbell DLs range of motion

    I have alot of trouble doing a DL with proper range of motion..... its alot easier for me to do it when the barbell is raised.... then I saw this... Deadlift range of motion thoughts?
  2. Abishai

    Barbell ROM in Deadlifts

    Hi all, Being a calithstenic junkie all my life I just recently started Deadlifting. I am having real trouble keeping my spine neutral (not rounding my back)as I hinge. Any tips on working on getting the full ROM?
  3. Chrisdavisjr

    Barbell Strong swing, weak deadlift - how to bridge the gap?

    Starting a new thread here to pick up from an interesting conversation on this thread in the kettlebell forum. I have a fairly strong kettlebell swing - 10×10 one handed with a 40kg bell at 145lbs body weight - but a fairly weak deadlift - 100kg/220lbs seems to be my max, I can just about get...
  4. Barbell Deadlift program

    Hi everybody, I would like to ask you for specific deadlift strength training. I am 23 male, 173 cm, about 77 kg. I participated in martial arts for 4-5 years, then turned to bodywheight training. My core training is gymnastics, but I incorporate barbell and kettlebells as well. In recent years...
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