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  1. Brak

    Kettlebell Front Squat or Double Suitcase Deadlift

    I am planning an A+A / AGT training cycle. Overhead movements are contraindicated for my sad old shoulders, this rules out Snatch and Jerk which are a common prescription. I enjoyed a clean/front squat complex on my most recent cycle, so I am planning to continue using cleans and want to break...
  2. awito

    Other/Mixed Adding KBs to a Beginner LP Progression

    Hey all, I am currently doing the Greyskull LP program, and specifically the Phraks Variant - very similar to Starting Strength 3x5. However, due to time/work restraints, I am now only able to go to the gym twice per week - Fridays and Sundays. So, I was thinking about exercising at home with...
  3. Barbell More on trap bar

    Hello everyone. I re-began working out about last June(after basically many years off) as I lost 20lbs after lockdown and wanted to get strong. I am 65yo, 5'7 and 163 now. I have access to my kettlebells in 35, 50 and a single 70 (I have a 100 too which I got for a hundred bucks and can...
  4. Benedictine Monk

    Barbell Can someone point me to a deadlift thread on Sumo v Conventional?

    I'm experimenting with my stance (thinking of going back to conventional) to avoid blowing out of my jeans and other pants as well as trying to not linger too long on my negative. I didn't want to beat a dead horse, so I was curious if anyone can point me to a thread or threads on the SFG...
  5. Benedictine Monk

    Barbell Unwanted Muscle Growth From Touch and Go In Deadlift?

    Sorry everyone. I didn't want to start a war over Gallagher touch and go slow negative deadlifts and the PTTP style "follow the weight down" deadlifts. I actually like the "feeling" of being in control during the entire deadlift that a Gallagher style gives me but (unless I'm suffering from too...
  6. bill calhoun

    Barbell The Naked Warrior + Barbell Training (5x5x5 or 3x5)

    I'm getting ready to start Pavel's audacious and awesome (yep, I'm dead serious...the guy's programs are epic). I also just started Deadlifts (I stopped benches & dips as Pavel recommends we do not do those in conjunction with 1-arms), and his pull-up program. My question: 1. Should I do the...
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