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  1. Andi-in-BKK

    Getting enough calories around a full training day

    Here is my situation currently with regards to training and diet: I am 34yo and weigh 196lb at an estimated 18% body fat (tape/Naval method with the same tape at the same reference points). I want to drop fat slowly to retain muscle that I’ve worked very hard to build over the last 6 months off...
  2. Bodyweight How to start with Calisthenics ?

    Hi Guys, just a few weeks ago I started to really commit to wanting to learn everything I needed to learn to start and ultimately master Calisthenics. The first book I´ve read was Convict Conditioning and I overall really like the philosophy of it. But I didn´t feel like that it really gave me...
  3. B_ski7

    Thoughts and experience on V-Diet

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has done the Velocity diet, and if so, what was your experience and thoughts on it? How has it benefited you after completing the 28 days? Have been lifting weights and training for a little over a decade, and over the last year have really fallen in love with...
  4. FastFirst

    How to cut muscle when already lean?

    Hope you folks can give me some ideas. If this is an area you know something about, I would appreciate you taking the time to read this. I am looking to cut about 10lb of muscle, appreciate that at my age or any age that seems a bit daft. But I have running goals that I cannot achieve at my...
  5. banzaiengr

    Food Logs

    As there is a separate category under "Diet and Nutrition" for food logs I would like to offer to all who are interested to begin keeping one. I began one a few weeks back as I tried to ease into clean eating. Now that I have started my regimented diet I'm going to try and keep it current. I...
  6. Niek Schokkenbroek

    A Hit the Target (HTT) Diet attempt

    Hi everyone, I just stumbled on Fabio Zonin's article a few weeks ago on the Hit The Target (HTT) Fat-loss Plan. My wife and I thought to give it a try and I would like to keep track of some progress here, but mainly share some experiences and doubts we had and have along the way. At this...
  7. Warrior diet for powerlifters?

    Alright, folks... I've scoured the internet and besides Ori Hofmelker's books, the SF forum seems to be the next best resources for WD-related questions. Most importantly, I'm hoping to get some specific advice since most of us are strength athletes. My primary focus is Powerlifting and I have...
  8. Food Log Jak's Dog Food Log

    11AM: shake with protein powder (Just Protein), milk, peanut butter, 1 packet of microwave oatmeal, crushed ice + coffee with lots of half and half later, 1 peach 2PM: Prison Pad Thai, ramen noodles with peanut butter and sriracha, actually one of my favorite lunches 1 peach 6PM: couple...
  9. Abdul-Rasheed

    Meal prep for the week ahead

    Any one here prepares well planned meal for the next week? I would like to know tips, ideas and your thoughts. I am thinking of looking into this approach. This way one can target to hit the calories one is planning for either cutting or bulking. In my case I am trying to lose body fat.
  10. Abdul-Rasheed

    Other/Mixed Hypertrophy program and caloric deficit diet

    If one choose to do hypertrophy program, is it foolishness to follow a caloric deficit diet? What's likely to happen? Thoughts?
  11. 310 Shake - The best ?

    on the verge to get my goal weight i m try to keep my diet cleanly. And trying to cut down the calories to make the body to burn fat. So one of my friend suggest to use 310 Shake instead taking regular food. The reason is for it is, Its easy to calculate the calorie intake only. Because im...
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