flexible steel

  1. 3S principles of of flexible steel review

    Definitely worth a review even if you know the 3 S principles of flexible steel. My shoulders feel better after press day yesterday.
  2. sizzlefuzz

    One day bodyweight course expectations

    Hey guys, I'm looking at taking the October bodyweight 1-day course in Exeter, NH. Should I look into getting the Naked Warrior or any other resources to prep for the workshop? I'm not really sure how the schedule of the workshop itself breaks down and would like to get as much from the...
  3. Pavel Macek

    4 Weeks to Flexible Steel Challenge

    Jon Engum, StrongFirst Master SFG, Flexible Steel International founder & chief instructor, last week wrote: “Flexible Steel Challenge. This week I challenge KB5 one of the best gyms in the world to be Flexible Steel.” Thank you for your kind words, Jon - challenge of course accepted...
  4. Steve Freides

    I'm Leading a Flexible Steel Workshop on May 21 in Putnam Valley, NY

    Become Flexible Steel - learn to Bend but not Break. Flexible Steel Instructor Certification (Putnam Valley, New York) - RegOnline -S-
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