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  1. Kettlebell KB Swing form check

    Hello everyody, I am practicing S&S for some weeks now and I am really impressed with the results. I have some issues with the KB Swing though, I cannot time correctly when to brake the hips, I am in a hurry :) Any cues or feedback in general about my form will be highly appreciated. KB Swing...
  2. Jared Anstett

    Kettlebell KBM Form Check, Double Kettlebell Lifts

    Hey everyone, My name is Jared. Joined the forum the other day. I reached the Simple goal with the 32kg bell and decided to start Geoff Neupert's Kettlebell Muscle program. This is my first go-around with double kettlebell lifts (I went through the Kettlebell Strong! Technique DVDs prior) so I...
  3. Axel Thoelen

    Kettlebell Road to SFG l Kettlebell Instructor (+ Form check)

    Hello everybody, First off I would like to thank all the people who took their time and effort to put such amazing content in this community. Before I will ask my question, I would like to introduce myself. I am Axel and I live in Belgium. - Some personal demographics: age 26, height 183 cm...
  4. Kettlebell Form Check 18 KG Swing

    Hello All, I'm a 30-year-old male(still feel like I'm 18). I've been training for a bit over two years now, mainly at the gym doing the typical barbell stuff. I was inspired after reading some conversations on Instagram about StrongFirst and KB training. Since Covid has everything all messed up...
  5. Barbell Barbell back Squat Form

    Would like to hear any bodies feedback on my squat form, it feel like My knees are going over my feet way too much however my bar path is solid? Any help would be appreciated. I couldn’t upload a video unfortunately
  6. frenchyrules

    Barbell Help with my deadlift and squat form

    I am 22 years old and weight 69 kg. I recently started squatting and deadlifting and upon filming myself and watching the footage I'm pretty sure I have a lot of room to improve. I tried asking some of the coaches at my gym and they say that my form is fine. The squat is a regular high bar back...
  7. Bodyweight elevated OAPU form check

    This elevation that feels like 4RM. I did 3 reps on the LHS and 2.5 on the RHS. I lost footing on my right leg as I started the last concentric. I was more concentrated on total body tension during the left arm reps.
  8. Kettlebell Form Check: Worried Swings are Causing/Exacerbating Tennis Elbow

    Hi all, I've posted on here once before for a form check and it was very helpful. I have recently been trying to graduate to single arm swings with a 24kg bell. I felt like my two-arm swings were going well for a while. In the last week or two I have noticed tennis elbow starting to flare up...
  9. Paul Haddad

    Kettlebell Kettlebell Deadlift form

    I've been working through the online Strongfirst kettlebell course and I would be very grateful if I could get some feedback on my form in the deadlift.
  10. Marius_Lefter

    Kettlebell Swings and Get-ups Form Check - trap & shoulder pain after doing them

    Hi to all of you. Today I ask an act of kindness: look at my Two-Hand Swing and Get-Up videos performance and spot errors, mistakes, flaws, technique issues in order to help me to make them better. I uploaded them on Google Drive and shared the link with you below, hope this is acceptable...
  11. Christian Carson

    Barbell Deadlift Form Check - 265lbs

    Hi guys! Just looking to get a form check on my deadlift and have it picked apart a bit. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated.
  12. Kettlebell Form Check(Swings\TGU\Snatches)

    Hey everybody! Could you please check my form Didn't expect it to be so sloppy, but we all start somewhere Swing.mp4 Turkish get-up.mp4 Snatch.mp4 Thanks
  13. kettlebellklutz

    Kettlebell Form Check: First time swinging a kettlebell (16kg) after reading Pavel's S&S book...

    hey all, above is a video of me doing swings with a 16kg bell for the first time. from what i've been told elsewhere, i need to start with the bell a bit closer as well as work on my hip hinge. what jumps out at you most egregiously? what are some easy fixes? thanks!
  14. Paul Nathan

    Kettlebell Form check: 2h swing

    Hi, 2h swings, 16kg bell. I would be curious as to any comments regarding my form. I have my own suspicions but I don't want to prejudice the kind viewers here before they view me. (& Apologies for the flab. It's on its way out)
  15. Tobias Wissmueller

    Kettlebell Form-Check One-Hand Swings

    It was about time to film myself to check on my one-hand swings again. Have recently changed my technique. When reviewing my swing a few weeks back, I found my hinge was too lazy. My cue until then was moving my butt towards the wall, maybe max. to 4 o'clock, but not lower. Now I am trying to...
  16. Barbell Form check - deadlift and back squat

    Hey guys, I would like to ask you to check my form on deadlift and back squat. J just moved to low-bar squat. It's much more comfortable then high-bar in terms on hips movement and body position. As you see I struggle to get into position at both exercises. While getting everything prepered...
  17. Chrisdavisjr

    Kettlebell 40kg 2H swing form check

    I've recently acquired a 40kg kettlebell and have, so far, been primarily using it for two-handed swings while I pursue the continually elusive goal of a solid one-handed 32kg swing. I've uploaded a video of my two-handed swing for critique purposes as I feel that my form is pretty solid by now...
  18. Kettlebell Swing Form Check - 2 handed

    With a 32kg bell. Thanks to the forum for any feedback on my two-handed swing form!
  19. Bodyweight how much twist is too much? (OAPU form check)

    hello everyone i've been working on these for a while now but would like some feedback regarding the inevitable twisting. in fact any feedback would be appreciated on technique. as per form guidelines, here's a couple videos baggy shirt in first video kind of hides twisting.. took a...
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