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front squat

  1. Knee pain during double kettlebell front squats

    I've been doing DFW for a few months now - as of recently i've started to get some knee pain in the front middle of my left knee when doing the double kettlebell front squats. It's like a flash of pain in the front middle of my left knee that instantly goes away - like a fraction of a second -...
  2. Brak

    Kettlebell Front Squat or Double Suitcase Deadlift

    I am planning an A+A / AGT training cycle. Overhead movements are contraindicated for my sad old shoulders, this rules out Snatch and Jerk which are a common prescription. I enjoyed a clean/front squat complex on my most recent cycle, so I am planning to continue using cleans and want to break...
  3. Barbell Question about front squat depth (why can't we stop at parallel?)

    In Beyond Bodybuilding (page 191 in my version), Pavel says, "[for front squats] always go rock bottom. For reasons that are too complex to be discussed here, high front squats are too rough on the knees." I know the party is always right but I'm a nerd so I'd love to know what those reasons...
  4. Benjamin

    Kettlebell Press to Front Squat Ratio?

    Press to squat ratio? I was wondering what the right balance of 2KB presses to 2KB front squats with a given pair of kettlebells should be to have balanced strength. The reason I'm asking is that the heaviest pair of doubles I have are 24kg and I want to identify weaknesses/imbalances. When I...
  5. LejonBrames

    Kettlebell Thoughts on hypothetical strength/hypertrophy program

    So this thought process was brought on by 2 things recently, I have been doing Pat Flynn's updated Prometheus Protocol, a 4 day per week program of double Clean and Press, Front Squats, Bent Over Rows, and Single-Leg Dead lifts. I've been enjoying it a lot, and have just been reading up on...
  6. Mike Whitenton

    Kettlebell Pistol or Double Kettlebell Front Squat for Easy Strength?

    I'm going to be starting my first Easy Strength cycle tomorrow and am not sure on which squat to include: pistol or double kb front squat. My pistols are a bit rusty (bodyweight only at this point) and my starting weight for the double kb front squat would be a pair of 53#s, which are...
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