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  1. J.C.S.

    Other/Mixed Indian Club Suggestions

    Does anyone have Indian Club company suggestions? I would like to use wood rather than metal. I am looking at Revolution Clubs made in USA and of white oak (I like the Victorian models) Revolution Clubs I am also debating just trying my own as I have a buddy with a lathe and...
  2. J.C.S.

    Other/Mixed Gada/Mace critique

    Began swinging the mace a week ago. 360 swings feel much easier to perform and more solid so wanted to post the weaker 10 to 2 swings for more feedback. Long road ahead for improvement and refinement so I appreciate constructive criticism!
  3. J.C.S.

    Other/Mixed Gada/Mace Swings

    Hello all, I have searched the forums here and have found some, but not much concerning gada swings. The interwebs has provided some good information but you good people may have suggestions on where else to look. I have just begun adding 360s and 10 to 2s into my warm up and greasing the...
  4. Shahaf Levin

    Quality, Patience, Quiet, Strength - Shahaf's Training Log

    Hi, I felt it's time to start a training log. General Info: Male, 36, 175cm, 70kg Engineer, part time personal trainer (planning to move to full time soon) Main sport: Beach volleyball No active injuries or limitations Current maxes / heaviest recent lift: Deadlift - 110kg (both conventional...
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