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  1. Kettlebell Long sets below MAF

    Hi, I would like to know if someone trains continuously below MAF with KB. Not in A+A style (anaerobic effort + aerobic recovery), but only aerobically without any rest and lower weight. I know that in girevoy (KB sport), they execute longer sets, but as fas as i know it's done in a highly...
  2. J.C.S.

    Kettlebell Cycling and KB

    Anyone incorporate kettlebells with cycling (or any other aerobic activity)? I would like to ride a century and a few gravel grinders this season and curious to see how others prioritize this type of training. Man Cave Training Log
  3. J.C.S.

    Kettlebell Doubles with different weight

    Hi StrongFirst community, I currently train at home and have singles of 12,16,20,24,32kg. The goal is to get complete set of doubles but it's a work in progress. I am curious if anyone here does any lifting with doubles of different weight. My KB background is mostly with G.S. and used to...
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