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grip training

  1. workout union

    Bodyweight Grip Strength Question

    Hey there, I will left here a video of the exercises that I normaly do for grip strenght, but I was hoping for some different exercises that you use or have seen, that aren't in the video. Anyone?
  2. Other/Mixed Crushed to Dust Challenge

    Crushed-to-Dust!® Challenge - Rules for Certification I would be interested to know if anyone here has done this, or is currently training for this. Thanks
  3. offwidth

    Bodyweight Bodyweight Grip Exercises

    Situation: Extended travel and limited access to traditional grip tools. No equipment. Traveling light, means no Grippers either. Question: I'm interested in hearing any solutions people have come up with to train grip whilst on the road. Besides the obvious... Finger Tip Push-ups Towel...
  4. Kettlebell S&S+suitcase walk and some questions.

    Brand new to forum first post sorry if I'm not using proper ediqute. Really sorry if this has been addressed already. So to get to the point with details to follow below. I have decided to add suitcase walk (farmer's walk with KB in one hand) at the end of my S&S regiment as a supplemental grip...
  5. El Cid

    Kettlebell Grip training for the 1 hand swing

    I was out of town this week and paid a day use fee at a gym where I was pleasantly surprised to find Kettlebells: a 24kg pair, a 32kg and a 44kg bell (the last being nice and dusty). My collection stops at 32kgs, as I stopped adding when I hit Simple. I took the opportunity to swing a heavier...
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