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  1. Proper grip change on the drop from the kettlebell clean to protect against calluses

    As I practice a higher volume of heavier cleans lately I have more callusing. For years I've been swinging and cleaning with the handle at mid-hand and ignoring the calluses. Hand care is starting to look like more of a concern. I've read that the proper swing grip is far closer to the finger...
  2. Luwuwu

    Kettlebell Which grip should we use doing the Hardstyle Double Jerk, crush grip or false grip?

    In almost all double jerk instructions and demonstrations, including Kettlebell StrongFirst, Kettlebell Strong, Kettlebell RMF, the crush grip is applied. Yet in the Kettlebell Berserk by Hector G, there's the false grip, which is so much more like that of GS, where your forearms are almost...
  3. Barbell Overhand vs mixed grip DL ratio standards

    I was just wondering if there are any useful standards to evaluate grip strength when calculating the ratio between what one can pull with a double overhand vs a mixed grip Deadlift. For example, one should be able to pull 80 percent of your one rep max with a mixed grip using a double overhand...
  4. Kettlebell 48kg TG grip

    Ok, I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out my grip for Turkish getups when I started SS in summer of 2020, and I eventually figured out a grip that kept my wrist very strong and straight, and rested the round part of the bell on my forearm in-between the 2 forearm bones. This was...
  5. wowzer

    Kettlebell Grip Strength Training

    Any recommendations on grip strength tools for S&S? I've worked past timed Simple and am working towards Sinister and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on devices or exercises to specifically focus on grip training for swings.
  6. Kettlebell Anyone else use Gaffer's tape to wrap their KB handle?

    Hello! After trying chalk and finding it too messy for inside use, and a variety of different gloves I found my perfect KB grip solution. Gaffer's tape! It is made out of a fine weave strong cloth and the adhesive is designed to pull off cleanly without damaging surfaces or leaving adhesive...
  7. Chrisdavisjr

    Bodyweight Pull-up grip: Thumb over or under the bar

    I've been alternating between practising my pull-ups with either my thumb hooked over the top of the bar with the rest of my fingers or wrapped around it. I've been finding the thumbless grip easier - rep quality is consistently higher, grip fatigue is reduced - but I'm wondering what the reason...
  8. Kettlebell Simple easy, beyond... not so much (grip issues with swings beyond 32kg)

    Okay so, I've been using (& loving S&S) for some time now and regularly do 'Simple' timeless a couple of times a week and time myself doing it now and then to make sure I haven't "lost it" over the past couple of years. So far, things are very good in this department. Additionally, I have...
  9. Barbell Reduce progress but develop grip or keep going with mixed grip?

    Although I am still making progress on my PTTP SLF user course program, I am reaching the limit of my grip strength at doubleoverhand. How do you decide whether to slow down a program and build form and grip or go mixed and keep the gains going? So far, I seem to be doing OK on the pull but the...
  10. Coughs

    Other/Mixed Getting strong on Deadhang

    Hello, I recently listened to a podcast from Pavel Tsatsouline and he said that most people should focus on getting really strong on their grip and core as that will increase performance on everything else. I already do a basic strength program. I want to get strong at bodyweight deadhangs and...
  11. Kettlebell Bottoms up press imbalance: programming puzzle

    Normally, we try to balance the left and right hand in strength exercises by doing the same amount with our stronger hand as the weaker, or less strong hand as Pavel calls it, or adding a few more reps with the weaker hand. However, I am taking the best suggestions of this forum for a past post...
  12. Barbell Suggestions for training with tendonitis

    I was diagnosed with calcific tendonitis in my right elbow a few weeks ago. I know it's in my left elbow as well (old X-rays showed that much). Doc said it's obvious I've had this a very long time. Anyway, I'm not wanting to go the surgery route. He suggested the old ice and ibuprofen routine...
  13. workout union

    Bodyweight Grip Strength Question

    Hey there, I will left here a video of the exercises that I normaly do for grip strenght, but I was hoping for some different exercises that you use or have seen, that aren't in the video. Anyone?
  14. Other/Mixed Hand dynamometer

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any experience using these purely as a means for assessing recovery and readiness for a session? I know they're not overly expensive, but wanted some thoughts from people who may have used them in the past to see whether or not they're worth buying. Thanks.
  15. Adam R Mundorf

    Other/Mixed The Role of Grip Training for Lifters

    Hello Everybody, So, I'm currently following the Rite of Passage from Enter the Kettlebell and I want to add in some direct grip work. I am considering purchasing some captains of crush grippers and/or some fat gripz for chin ups. Questions How do I train grip so that it won't detract from...
  16. Other/Mixed Crushed to Dust Challenge

    Crushed-to-Dust!® Challenge - Rules for Certification I would be interested to know if anyone here has done this, or is currently training for this. Thanks
  17. Other/Mixed Hammer, Stick, and Stone. Forearm and Grip Blaster for Free at Home

    Some workout tips for getting those monster forearms and a grip like a steel vise. These are all free to cheap hacks you can do at home. Thank you for watching.
  18. Other/Mixed Cheap to FREE Do It Yourself Grip Machine for MONSTER Grip and Forearms

    Money is a huge factor for us when we decide what we can and cannot do as far as fitness, strength building, and body building. Here is a video showing you how to make a very simple machine for grip and forearm work.
  19. Bodyweight Pullup biomechanics (grip question)

    I just read an interview with Dr William Wong, I'd like to know your opinion about his statement on correct pull up grip: "Wide grip pull downs or any pulldown with a pronated (palms away from you) grip. These movements are not only bio mechanically inefficient they murder the rotator cuff...
  20. Benedictine Monk

    Barbell Supplemental Forearm Work For PTTP For Baseball or Hockey or Golf or Handguns

    @Brett Jones This is a bit of a clever troll post so bear with me. I'm on PTTP (TGU is my press) to see if I can clean up several issues that seem to be a result of selective weakness more than actual dysfunction. My question involves cleaning up the remnants of what appeared to be "tennis" and...
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