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  1. Kettlebell S&S with GTG

    I want to train to a full depth pistol squat, but am also finding S&S to be extremely effective. Can I do S&S four or five times per week while GTG on pistol squat? Or are they better left separate?
  2. Training for Life

    Bodyweight Looking for advice designing a program with incorporated GTG

    Greetings, I recently started doing training after a few years of couch potato life and am quite interested of how to incorporate GTG into training. I did a bit over three months of bodyweight training up to this point with five sessions per week (Mon Lower Body, Tue Upper Body + Core, Wed Yoga...
  3. Coughs

    Other/Mixed Getting strong on Deadhang

    Hello, I recently listened to a podcast from Pavel Tsatsouline and he said that most people should focus on getting really strong on their grip and core as that will increase performance on everything else. I already do a basic strength program. I want to get strong at bodyweight deadhangs and...
  4. Oscar

    Kettlebell GTG Swings?

    I´m doing S&S, and lately I have been doing the swings in a GTG manner throughout the morning a few times a week. I then save 10 minutes in the evening to do the TGUs. The other days I just do regular S&S. This is how I do it: Before the first set, I do a few goblet squats, halos and bridges...
  5. Carl

    Bodyweight Programming Pull Ups (SF style)

    All styles of pull ups (varied grips) are my favourite exercises and a constant in my programmes. I'm wondering what people's experiences are with particular programmes for pull ups using Strong First principles. My current approach is to use variations of GTG style clusters (through the...
  6. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Other/Mixed Pro Tips to stay Fresh for longer during Strength Training

    Hello Community :) I want to share with you my three simple ways to stay fresh for longer during Strength Training :) 1. Rolling/Massage Muscles between sets 2. Drink Water between sets 3. Ensure fresh air in the place where you practice What you think about it ? Write below :)
  7. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Bodyweight What is the time range of hold isometric position for best gains in strength ?

    Hello do you know What is the time range of hold isometric position for best gains in strength ? What I mean ? For example the best range of reps for: Strength 1-5 reps Muscle Growth (hypertrophy stimulus) 8-12 reps But how it works on static position ? I read that isometric exercises are good...
  8. Mateusz Calisthenics

    Other/Mixed Whether a 50% reps is a 50% of effort ? "GTG"

    Whether a 50% of the maximum number of repeating is a 50% of maximum effort ? It is about "GTG" method I'm confused about something. For example: I tested my max in One arm push ups (legs together) I got 4 reps in good form so I decided to do everyday a few sets of 2 reps (50% of max reps)...
  9. Benedictine Monk

    Other/Mixed Looking for information on GTG with Captains of Crush Grippers

    I've been off training since last Wednesday to let my latest Chiro/ART/Massage appointment work its magic and give myself a bit of a rest before Daily Dose Deadlift starts tomorrow (Monday). I'll also be doing my mandatory daily TGU. While I was off I experimented with my CoC grippers and I...
  10. Other/Mixed In my 50s: Grease the Groove (stay fresh/never fail) or single set to failure?

    Hello I am slightly confused by GtG. Does it increase muscle mass? And why can't one do more that one GtG exercise at once? I am in my 50s and giving that GtG is said to work well for older folks it does sound interesting partly because it's basically quite easy - you don't need to got...
  11. marco

    Bodyweight GTG - OAPU - Naked Warrior

    Hi guys, I will attend the SFB certification in Italy next December. I am practicing GTG for the OA(OL)PU in the NW. Before the press (I am doing dead start now) I tense every muscle but I want to ask if is normal that the gluteus of the leg opposite to the pressing arm lose a little of tension...
  12. Other/Mixed Greasing the Groove: It works and it helps me care for my daughter

    We typically practice GTG in the context of training, but I wanted to share how I know the concept works in a non-training context. My wonderful and strong daughter is severely disabled, and part of our daily routine includes transferring her from her wheelchair to her bed and vice-versa. Some...
  13. Jamie

    Bodyweight GTG Forever?

    Hello Pavel, I currently enjoy a GTG protocol with bodyweight exercises. I tend to perform 5 + sets per day, five or six days per week. Sets consist of push up, pull up, pistol squats, skater squats and some bodyline/planking stuff. My question - can I do this indefinitely? Presuming I'm...
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