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  1. rvaldrich

    Bodyweight Tension Day and Calisthenics

    So I read this: The Tension Day | StrongFirst So this might be a game-changer for me. I do mid- to high-level calisthenics on top of Simple & Sinister (some recent stalling not withstanding). So would/could a tension practice session be composed of calisthenic static holds or slow dynamics...
  2. rvaldrich

    Bodyweight Simple & Sinister + Gymnastic Bodies(ish)

    Howdy y'all! Been here forever, but haven't posted in...well, forever. I fell down the rabbit hole of wanting to do EVERYTHING AT ELITE LEVEL!!! Went looking for how to combine gymnastics and power lifting and olympic lifting and parkour and cobblery and 19th Planet Shadow Kung Fu MMA, etc...
  3. kiwipete

    Other/Mixed Russian paratrooper training video 1970's

    came across this gem.... see if you can spot the KB's!
  4. Bodyweight Is there an alternative to the gymnastic planche?

    My >70 yo body does not cheerfully accommodate itself to gymnastic planche progressions. Is there an alternative exercise that would compliment the front lever progressions?
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