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  1. Andi-in-BKK

    Optimum body fat for general athletic endeavors and overall health

    I’m coming to the end of a bulk cycle in the next month or so, with a current body fat around 19-20% and a good bit more muscle mass as well. It’s been a while since I’ve been this high (BFP is usually 15-16% when I’m active), but the funny thing is apart from being a little tired/rusty in BJJ...
  2. rvaldrich

    Kettlebell Humblingly Weak

    So I recently succumbed to not just injuries but the need to get some help. Shoulder problems just weren't resolving themselves with rest and care. Despite a long history of bad experiences with physical therapists, I went to see one. I am glad I did. She identified that I basically didn't...

    good morning everyone. I started using peptide bpc 157 at a dose of 500 mcg a day divided into 2 injections every 12 hours. It is mainly used to treat stomach ulcers. My question is whether the dose is optimal and what should be the duration of the treatment for the ulcer to heal. I follow an...
  4. Kettlebell Tendonitis in right arm (probably golfer's elbow) from kettlebells swings. Forced to back off to heal. Can anybody suggest any alternatives?

    Hi Everyone. Like I said in the title, I think that I've given myself some tendonitis in my right elbow/forearm from doing one-handed kettlebell swings as in "Simple and Sinister". It looks like I'm going to have to back off the swings at least with my right arm in order to heal. I'd rather...
  5. Other/Mixed Advice For Getting My Partner Healthy

    Hi, everyone. To start, I want say again that I absolutely love this site and it’s abundance of resources. Thank you in an advance for sharing your knowledge, past, present and future. Any tips for helping my girlfriend to fall in love with training the way I have, with the goal of just...
  6. Marius_Lefter

    Help with resources on nutrition topics

    Hi to all. This is my first post in the section regarding Nutrition. For the past several days I have browsed the threads and I am impressed with the amount of knowledge this community has on this topic. I am in an early stage of training with kettlebells. But I want to learn on nutrition. I...
  7. Other/Mixed Benefits of a Good Fat-Loss Program (Besides Fat Loss)

    Just wanted to hear some thoughts on this one. I see a lot of people running fat loss programs and it got me to thinking, what are the benefits of running a quality fat loss program (any fat loss program by Geoff Neupert, for example) besides a reduction in body fat? Is it muscle gain? It...
  8. Food for abs

    What do you reccommend I eat to get better abs?
  9. DavThew

    Other/Mixed Strength for the masses

    So Australian public health guidelines released in 2014 advised that all members of the general public should be attempting to do resistance based exercise at least twice a week. According to a recent study (BMC Public Health) less than 20% of Australians manage this. Obviously talking about...
  10. Steve Freides

    Off-Topic I'm Leading a Flexible Steel Workshop on May 21 in Putnam Valley, NY

    Become Flexible Steel - learn to Bend but not Break. Flexible Steel Instructor Certification (Putnam Valley, New York) - RegOnline -S-
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