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  1. quentin__bsbl

    Bodyweight HIRT/ATG vs HIIT (questions)

    Hello I am preparing for the tests of the DSU (intervention group of the Belgian federal police) I am 17 years old, I am already training by doing: - Weighted FPP - GTG one arm pull up - S&S 3x / week - RZ 3x / week - Running 3-4x / week So I inquired about increasing my cardio and so I quickly...
  2. damogari

    Barbell Barbell/dumbbell alternative exercise for KB Snatch

    Recently I started incorporating A+A (or HIRT) work into my strength routine. Unfortunately the heaviest kettlebell in my gym is 28kg which feels too light for me to generate maximum power - I can comfortably snatch 32kg for reps. On the other side there are barbells, and fixed dumbbell options...
  3. Snowman

    Kettlebell Adjusting A+A for Easy Hypertrophy (not really A+A)

    I just wanted to add a little experiment of mine to the collective knowledge. I’m transitioning my A+A snatches from the 32 kilo up to the 36 kilo, and I thought it might be beneficial to increase my volume with the 32 before stepping up. Bonus points if I could add a little muscle. My...
  4. brandonc501

    Kettlebell The Quest for New Year’s Weight Loss with HIRT

    First time poster, long time reader. I am posting this to share what I have learned as well as to create a bit of accountability for my intentions. I started this thread so that I can post in a few weeks what I will learn, not to mention to spark a discussion - they are always awesome on this...
  5. banzaiengr

    Kettlebell HIRT for Hypertrophy

    These two articles by Craig Marker may have been placed here before. If so I apologize. A friend sent the first one to me and the second is linked within that article. I have placed both links below. Thought many would also find them interesting. HIRT for Hypertrophy HIIT versus HIRT
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