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  1. Forum Business How To Find a Strong Endurance Instructor

    Hello Everyone, I am a competitive mountain biker and I am interested in Strong Endurance training to improve my performance especially for my fast twitch muscle cells. On the site, when doing a search for instructors and gyms, I don't see knowledge of Strong Endurance being explicitly...
  2. Benjamin_K

    Forum Business SFG Instructors near Knoxville

    Comrades, I just started S&S, been on it one week. I've been in the fitness world for a while now. Was a wrestler in high school, BJJ (and other systems) while in the Navy, and am currently a park ranger: lots of paddling, climbing, hiking, etc. 5'9, 152, 30yr. I've never really achieved my...
  3. Smile-n-Nod

    Kettlebell Benefits and cost of personal instruction?

    How much does kettlebell instruction cost? What can I learn from an instructor that I cannot learn from books, articles, and videos?
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