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  1. Kettlebell Single Kettlebell Complexes

    Morning, During the pandemic I worked through Simple and Sinister. At this point I can comfortable complete all 100 swings and 10 TGUs with a 24 KG bell, and clean and press my 16 KG for reps. I’m still working on taming the arc and completing the workout for time. And at this time I only...
  2. mikhael

    Kettlebell 40 or 48, that is a question

    Hi, Some time ago I bought a bike, but had to sell a 40 kg bell, now I'm getting rid of the bike and want to buy a bell. The question is which one, 40kg, or 48kg? Currently practice Q&D with 32kg, and achieved Simple. What would you recommend?
  3. TobiasNeuffer

    Kettlebell Coccyx (tailbone) injury

    Dear strongfirsters, today I hurt my tailbone while swinging the kettlebell. I suddenly felt a sharp pain on the bottom position of the swing. The same thing happend to me before, about two years ago. The pain went away after a couple of weeks, but my tailbone kept being fragile for quite a...
  4. Kettlebell Gloves for Kettlebell Training

    Hello all, in Enter the Kettlebell Pavel talks about using cloth fingerless gloves to protect the hands from calluses when training. The only ones I could find on amazon have rubber grips on the palms that I would think would make them hard to use. Does anyone have any suggestions for specific...
  5. Other/Mixed A change

    Hi guys! I’ve not posted on the forums for a month or two now so I hope everybody’s all good first and foremost! I have recently looked through the NW book for the first time and I am looking at incorporating it into my training week. However, as effective as GTG is, I just don’t have the time...
  6. Kettlebell Quick and the Dead alternative exercises

    Okay, so I love the Quick and the Dead training! I’ve been doing it almost exclusively during quarantine, and all this jazz with the virus. Now, I’m supposed to travel soon and I want to continue my training but don’t have the ability to take my kettlebell. What are some alternatives to the...
  7. Kettlebell Introduction to the Forum & DKB Clean & Press/Pull-up Questions

    Hi Everyone, I want to start by saying thank you to management and all users for offering free and great advice to the public. In particular @Steve Freides for his solid and reliable input in almost every thread. Been using Strongfirst Forum and printed materials exclusively as a source of...
  8. Axel Thoelen

    Kettlebell Road to SFG l Kettlebell Instructor (+ Form check)

    Hello everybody, First off I would like to thank all the people who took their time and effort to put such amazing content in this community. Before I will ask my question, I would like to introduce myself. I am Axel and I live in Belgium. - Some personal demographics: age 26, height 183 cm...
  9. Bodyweight Multiple exercises GTG and A+A

    Hi everyone, What do you think about mixing those principles of training: -Everyday GTG on multiple exercises Push-ups, dips, pull-ups, crunches, bw squats (pistols). The idea isn't to focus on one exercice, but to be active all the day by doing many easy sets of different exercises (far...
  10. nish1013

    Kettlebell Buy Kettlebells UK

    What is the best place/online store to buy decent kettlebells in the UK ?
  11. mikhael

    Off-Topic HIIT with kettlebell

    Hi, I'm wondering how to approach HIIT with only a Kettlebell, Swings in particular. I have 24 and 32 pairs and want to implement some HIIT into my training. What would be the best routine? I was thinking about 2H Swings like in 10k program, but without strength exercises.
  12. Kettlebell Need some advice regarding the purchase of a heavier kettlebell

    So, I’m not entirely new to kettlebells. I did them while in high school, but only sparingly and probably with bad form in hindsight. I recently started up again. My brother had a 35 lb kettlebell that he never used, and I just started to do swings with it. Well, after about two months, and in...
  13. Kettlebell Reload and Kettlebells

    I have decided to do the Reload barbell program, but I want to make sure I keep up with my conditioning. What would be the proper recommendation to maintain conditions with kettlebells during this specific program. Thanks all.
  14. Barbell Questions abou the mr tatsoulines philosophy

    The power to the people book changed my mind about lifting in general for about a month to a month and a half ive been on pttp for deadlifts and its been awesome ive also been using the russian fighter program with weights for pull ups but i have some questions Today i hit on my 8th day of my...
  15. Barbell How Much Do KB Swings Affect Recovery for Barbell Training?

    I'm doing the standard GSLP program which focuses on bench, OHP, squats, and deadlifts. I do a minimum amount of plug-ins (accessory lifts) per the program. Specifically, alternating each workout lying tricep extension and rows/CG Bench and assisted chin ups. All done 3 x 5-8. I want to get...
  16. Recommendations/Reviews/FS/WTB Kettlebells UK 44/56/68/80/92

    I am looking for "pairs" of kettlebells in the UK of the following sizes : 44kg /56kg /68kg /80kg /92kg Either new or used of the standard/style of KettleBell Fever / Rogue / Xenios. If anybody has or knows where I can buy I would be grateful. Thank you Gengiz
  17. brandonc501

    Kettlebell The Quest for New Year’s Weight Loss with HIRT

    First time poster, long time reader. I am posting this to share what I have learned as well as to create a bit of accountability for my intentions. I started this thread so that I can post in a few weeks what I will learn, not to mention to spark a discussion - they are always awesome on this...
  18. kettlebellklutz

    Kettlebell Buying kettlebells in NY/NJ?

    anyone know of any brick and mortar stores that sell quality kettlebells in the NY/NJ area - specifically Westchester County, NY or Northern NJ? i realize it's a long shot but figured i'd at least ask! thanks :)
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