kettlebell muscle program

  1. Feedback on my own KB program

    Hello, I would like to hear some feedback on my own kettlebell routine. Also, do tell if you recognize other similar principles or programs in it. I'd really appreciate it. The goal of the routine is to be something that is independent of the equipment (though of course, I prefer the KBs)...
  2. Vinay Chary

    Just finished running Total Tension Complex, Kettlebell Muscle, and Kettlebell Strong. What next?

    Over the last 6 months, I started with Total Tension Complex, then did Kettlebell Muscle, and am now in the final week of Kettlebell Strong. I am looking for advice on what to do next. I was thinking another hypertrophy program, as my main goal is muscle gain. I was thinking of something from...
  3. Brian Johnston

    KBM Recovery Days

    I’m looking for assistance with KBM recovery day planning. I just finished week three with 24s. The practices have been mild to moderate and I’m rarely sore or worn out afterward. I’m sticking to the Rx and have scheduled active recovery days between and IT’S KILLING ME! Getting up at 0500 to go...
  4. Brian Johnston

    Wanted to Buy WTB Kettlebell Muscle

    Like many before me, I’ve gone looking for a copy of Kettlebell Muscle and found nothing. Anyone have a copy to sell or a link to a place that sells? Thank you!
  5. DancingLion

    Menopausal Woman about to do "Kettlebell Muscle" Program. Nutrition Help?

    Greetings, I need your considered opinions... I'm 50. menopausal. I'm 5ft. 6, currently Weigh 143 21% bodyfat. I was 148 19% 4 months ago but broke my hand and had to stop training. I reduced my calories thinking I wouldn't put on too much fat while not able to train and did lots of zumba to...
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