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  1. Kettlebell Dry Fighting Weight Preflight

    Now that my shoulder is ready to press again my next goal of fat loss and the promise of not having to diet much makes Dry Fighting Weight a good program to try. Starting from 185 lbs now I would be ripped (or close to it) at 170. My maintenance...
  2. Kettlebell Difference between StrongFirst Online Kettlebell Courses

    Hello StrongFirst Community! I'm seeking an online kettlebell technique course to follow at home while taking breaks from caring for my newborn daughter. My in-person Strong First technique training has been very positive both 1:1 with a StrongFirst Instructor and attending a "StrongFirst...
  3. Kettlebell All Bases Covered - Test Week

    For the 10th week in the All Bases Covered program, it is a test week. I will test how many reps I can press with a heavier kettlebell. My question is do I just do that test this week, or can I start another 10 weeks right away?
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