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kettlebell swing

  1. Kettlebell Feet turning out with KB swing

    My gf recently took up S&S and she's really enjoying the program so far. I think her swing is quite good except for one issue - on the top of the swing, her feet turn on their sides a bit (her big toe and the ball of the foot lose briefly contact with the ground). Does anyone have a cue or drill...
  2. Robert McLaughlin

    Kettlebell Kettlebell Swing Power Test

    Hi everyone I’m looking for some help re: Kettlebell Swing Power/Fitness Test. I am a secondary school / high school Physical Education teacher. I have a student who is using Kettlebell Swings in their Advanced Higher Training Programme. Their focus is to improve their overall power with...
  3. TobiasNeuffer

    Kettlebell Form check kettlebell swing 16kg

    Hi there! I have recently incorporated the kettlebell swing into my workout, but I am not quite sure if i do it right. Am I hinging deep enough? Is my back safe? I would really appreciate it if you could comment on my form! Thanks for your great work. Tobias
  4. Kettlebell Need some advice regarding the purchase of a heavier kettlebell

    So, I’m not entirely new to kettlebells. I did them while in high school, but only sparingly and probably with bad form in hindsight. I recently started up again. My brother had a 35 lb kettlebell that he never used, and I just started to do swings with it. Well, after about two months, and in...
  5. Sergio

    Kettlebell KB Swing Technique Feedback PT 2

    Hello everyone, a couple of months ago I uploaded a video of me doing swings with a 32 kG. I got really good feedback from the community, even tho the video wasn’t the best quality. Here is a better quality video of me doing swings with 36 kg bell. I’m wondering if some of you struggle with...
  6. Michael D

    Kettlebell Arm tired doing kettlebell swing

    I am doing two hand kettlebell swing with a 16kg bell. I think I have a proper hinging technique, and swing the bell in a fluid way. I make a point to emphasize hip action, and also let the bell float on top (around eye level) for a bit before letting it go down. One thing that I noticed is that...
  7. Dorian

    Kettlebell Teaching the hinge as internal rotation?

    As many instructors I have regularly come across the well-known problem of outward knees on the downswing (making it more squat-like, even if people seem to hinge correctly), very often accompanied with people also sitting on the outsides of their feet. One way of dealing with this has been to...
  8. El Cid

    Kettlebell Grip training for the 1 hand swing

    I was out of town this week and paid a day use fee at a gym where I was pleasantly surprised to find Kettlebells: a 24kg pair, a 32kg and a 44kg bell (the last being nice and dusty). My collection stops at 32kgs, as I stopped adding when I hit Simple. I took the opportunity to swing a heavier...
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