1. Brian Johnston

    KBM Recovery Days

    I’m looking for assistance with KBM recovery day planning. I just finished week three with 24s. The practices have been mild to moderate and I’m rarely sore or worn out afterward. I’m sticking to the Rx and have scheduled active recovery days between and IT’S KILLING ME! Getting up at 0500 to go...
  2. Marius_Lefter

    Quality cast iron kbs for europeans?

    Hi, I live in Bucharest, Romania (european country, member of European Union). I look to purchase 2 good quality cast iron kettlebells (24 and 32 kilo each) to use in my training. What options do I have regarding available brands? US brands such as Kettlebells USA, Kettlebell Kings, Vulcan...
  3. Marius_Lefter

    Quality cast iron bells for Europeans?

    Hi, I live in Bucharest, Romania (european country, member of European Union). I look to purchase 2 good quality cast iron kettlebells (24 and 32 kilo each) to use in my training. What options do I have regarding available brands? US brands such as Kettlebells USA, Kettlebell Kings, Dragon...
  4. kettlebellklutz

    Form Check: First time swinging a kettlebell (16kg) after reading Pavel's S&S book...

    hey all, above is a video of me doing swings with a 16kg bell for the first time. from what i've been told elsewhere, i need to start with the bell a bit closer as well as work on my hip hinge. what jumps out at you most egregiously? what are some easy fixes? thanks!
  5. Dan Cenidoza

    One Woman's Journey to be StrongFirst

    Here's a blog post by one of my students, Karen Anderson, on her journey from martial arts, to kettlebells, to StrongFirst SFG. Enjoy! One Woman's Journey to be StrongFirst - Baltimore Kettlebell Club
  6. Thomas Tissot

    Where can I buy some good competition kettlebells from France?

    Hello, I'm looking for some good competition kettlebells. I'm living in France. Do you know some good website selling competition KB available for delivery in France? Thanks in advance! Best regards!
  7. NoahMarek

    Best overall kettlebell strength lift

    If you could choose one exercise to develop strength with a kettlebell, what would it be and why? I would lean towards the snatch due to the full body nature of it and specifically how it strengthens the grip, posterior chain, and shoulders. I know it’s a ballistic which isn’t ideal as a pure...
  8. Marty

    Diamond Pro Kettlebells

    Hey everybody! Just thought I’d leave this link here for anyone interested. All of my kettlebells are Diamond Pro. They are amazing for the price. Can’t really beat free shipping, and a price that’s less than $1 a...
  9. sizzlefuzz

    Strength Aerobics Kettlebell Question

    So, I listened to the episode of the StrongFirst Podcast with Brett Jones (@Brett Jones ) and was interested with his discussion of the "Strength Aerobics" routine: Strength Aerobics: A Powerful Alternative to HIIT | StrongFirst I'm going to give the kettlebell circuit a try sometime this week...
  10. Alternative conditioning for snatches when your hands get torn up

    I've been working a lot with kettlebell snatches lately and making great progress but it's tearing my hands up pretty good. I've learned to take things easy when I notice my callouses prematurely tearing but every now and then I'll get a nasty tear that can derail my training for a week or more...
  11. sizzlefuzz

    Timing between rungs for ladders

    Is there a standard for time gaps for rungs of a given ladder? From the materials I've read there is a lot of stuff written on resting between the ladders themselves, but the individual rungs--not so much. For example, I have been working my way through 803B & usually using 5 breaths between...
  12. Tobias Wissmueller

    Shoulder Mobility Exercises with Kettlebells

    The only mobility exercises I know regarding shoulders that involve kettlebells are Halo Arm Bar Are there any more that are useful to work on ones shoulder mobility with the help of kettlebells?
  13. Niek Schokkenbroek

    Kettlebell swings (and DL) with significant leg length difference

    Hi everybody, Very new to the forum and making use of kettlebells for a bit over a year now. My knowledge (limited as it is) mainly comes from the books from Pavel and I have to say that I am quite hooked to the use of KBs. Even that much, that my wife is using them now as well ;) The only...
  14. Kyle Kowalczuk

    Bent Press to Strict Press Ratio

    Hey everyone, I am just reaching out to see if anyone has come across or would share their own max bent press to max strict press weights. I understand that the bent press should be the press used for most weight overhead. For me it is about even with 40kg. I can do more with dynamic...
  15. GTG - optimal volume?

    Hi everyone, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I haven't seen it. As someone who struggles to find a solid 60-90 minutes to train during the day, but who has multiple 10-20 minute slots throughout the day (irregular work hours), the "grease the groove" style of training is...
  16. damogari

    Daily Dose Double Press

    I am thinking about putting my pressing on some park bench program / maintenance during the next couple of months where I would focus on other lifts (squat/deadlift). Most of you know the "daily dose press" plan created by @Steve Freides based on Daily Dose Deadlift template. Do you think that...
  17. 28 or 32kg?

    I'm more a barbell guy, but got into kettlebells a while ago. The biggest one I have at the moment is 24 kg. Just wondering what's next: 28 or 32? My present strength & skill level with 24 kg is: getups 3x(1+1), double hand good, solid swings 50 rep, 1-hand press L4/R6, cleans/snatches 5/hand...
  18. knockdownfighter1

    Strong Endurance and Strong First Combat course

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and was looking for some information. I am knockdown karate fighter (The likes of Kyokushin, Enshin, Ashihara, Shidokan etc) and I'm looking for some information about the strong endurance/strong first combat course. Will these be released in a book/ebook? I'm...
  19. Tobias Wissmueller

    Pros and Cons of Different Swing-Types?

    What do I mean with "swing types"? I know three different kind of swings: Two-handed swings One-handed swings Double kettlebell swings That is what I mean with "swing types" and I am wondering about the pros and cons of every type. Here are a few suggestions: Two-handed swings: One can go...
  20. Marcus Aurelius

    Weighted Chins Ups RoP

    Hello All, So, I find myself being good at chinups. In ETK, Pavel says to weigh yourself down to 5rm. So I purchased myself a dip belt, so I could hang a kettlebell. This is my first time taking weighted chinups seriously. Any pointers to form difference and to how to implement into the...
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