1. NoahMarek

    Plan Strong + Strong Endurance

    Hey Strongfirst community! I wanted to share a bit about my training with you all. Firstly, I achieved Simple Status for S&S last Wednesday. It felt good to hit it, and I am definitely ready to move on to something with a more formal progression scheme. My two main goals right now are to...
  2. Oscar

    S&S bodyweight alternatives for travelling

    Hi everybody, I have recently started S&S and I'm doing great, really happy with the routine. Working with 16 kg bell at the moment. The thing is that I travel a lot and work as a ship surveyor, so sometimes I end up in a remote location for a week without access to kettlebells. I don't think it...
  3. S&S+suitcase walk and some questions.

    Brand new to forum first post sorry if I'm not using proper ediqute. Really sorry if this has been addressed already. So to get to the point with details to follow below. I have decided to add suitcase walk (farmer's walk with KB in one hand) at the end of my S&S regiment as a supplemental grip...
  4. Luca Piancastelli

    Total Tension Variation (EMOM)

    I did the total tension complex many times: I think it's a very good training. I thought I'd change the workout by taking the proposed exercises: CLEAN PRESS SQUAT RENEGADE EMOM: 30 minutes KETTLEBELL: snatch test size (2) 1st round: 1 CLEAN 1PRESS 1 SQUAT 1 RENEGADE 2nd round: 2 CLEAN 2...
  5. Nils BA Sfg1

    Input wanted on Barbell + KB program!

    Hi everyone, I'm all new to this forum although I have been training with barbells since I was 14 and KB's since 2012. Certified as an SFG1 beginning of November this year, I would now like to ask for some collective wisdom on where to go from here as I am neither a PT/ coach nor particularly...
  6. Imran Khan

    StrongFirst Kettlebell Shipping

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the price on the StrongFirst website for the kettlebells includes shipping? Thanks
  7. Stu McGill's Big 3 Prerequisite for S&S?

    Hi, My goal is to begin Simple and Sinister, and eventually reach the Simple Goal. I'm currently working on the Kalos Thenos TGU and Kettlebell Dynami as advised by Dan John. Things Are Going So Well, Help Me Screw It Up, Part 2 I currently own Stu McGill's back mechanic and in the book he...
  8. Sold Onnit Primal Gorilla 32kg for sale

    less than 1 year old, located in south Louisiana asking $100 prefer local purchase to avoid shipping, willing to consider shipping if interested though.
  9. Kettlebell as a fat burning for a complete newbie to fitness training?

    Hi All, I am a 26 year old male, I have ordered a 16kg kettle bell to start my fitness training for the first time in life ( I did work out earlier, 5 years ago, however that was only for 2 months which was on machines). I got this dvd of Pavel - Enter the Kettlebell from one of my friends and...
  10. Eddie

    Popped a rib out during Kettlebell Swing

    Hi all, I injured myself doing the Simple programme and couldn't find a post about a similar injury anywhere online. A little about me: 27, M, 5'10", 190lbs, ~15% body fat I've been doing martial arts and weight training since I was 16, currently doing MMA 3-5/week, and weight train...
  11. banzaiengr

    The Kettlebell Snatch

    Video from Kettlebell Kings and the Texas Kettlebell Academy. Just would like comments on what is shown here. I think the tell is when he says "soften it up". As Strongfirst is hard style SFG's will likely disagree with this instruction. I'm not saying right or wrong, I'm just trying to...
  12. Kerry Davis

    SFG Kettlebell Course NY

    Just letting you know that there is one week left to sign up for the User Course in Victor NY (Western NY)! Sign up here
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