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  1. Kettlebell VWC With Dubbells?

    Hey Comrades, i've been reading VWC lately and I think its a pretty good method, but I have one big problem: I don't have kettlebells. I just got dumbbells and one barbell, and at this mement I can't buy KB. I would like to know if it was posible to do VWC doing One-Arm DB Snatches and still get...
  2. Kettlebell Torque, power, Muay Thai and Kettlebells

    I started at a new Muay Thai gym. It is more like a boxing gym where there is a lot of free time and more individual pointers from the Kru (Instructor). Before, I had more of a "class" standup format from a MMA fighter at a fitness gym. This new coach teaches "pure" Muay Thai and I am learning...
  3. J.C.S.

    Kettlebell Cycling and KB

    Anyone incorporate kettlebells with cycling (or any other aerobic activity)? I would like to ride a century and a few gravel grinders this season and curious to see how others prioritize this type of training. Man Cave Training Log
  4. Yaroslav

    Kettlebell Hybrid template based on principles of "Calisthenics for iron domination"

    Comrades, would you kindly share your thoughts about the following training template. I really like the idea of mixing training modalities and implements, especially calisthenics and kettlebells. Even more I like it after reading "Calisthenics for iron domination" by Aleks Salkin. So, below...
  5. Football Bat

    Kettlebell Crooked Metacarpal Straightening Out From KB Training?

    Used to be Marine infantry and at some point during a deployment I broke my 5th (pinky) metacarpal on my right hand. We were already undermanned and I didn't want to leave the others hanging so I kept it hush hush and toughed it out. A few weeks after the pain subsided I noticed I couldn't grip...
  6. CoachWTF

    Kettlebell S&S Sciatic Nerve Pain?

    So, I've been training off and on with kettlebells for the last few years. I've done a bunch of swings, and my TGUs are pretty solid. However, recently I had a bout with a tight piriformis, which then seriously aggravated my sciatic nerve. Since then, I've been sort of cautious about swings...
  7. Mike Whitenton

    Kettlebell Pistol or Double Kettlebell Front Squat for Easy Strength?

    I'm going to be starting my first Easy Strength cycle tomorrow and am not sure on which squat to include: pistol or double kb front squat. My pistols are a bit rusty (bodyweight only at this point) and my starting weight for the double kb front squat would be a pair of 53#s, which are...
  8. slnm

    Kettlebell Can't press very much

    Hi, I'm trying to get beyond a plateau of pressing just 16 kilos overhead. I clean a pair of 16 kilo kettlebells then alternate pressing them overhead. That weight is not hard. A few years ago I was able to barbell press 200 pounds (91 kilos) so I should be able to press more than I am now. I...
  9. Bobby

    Kettlebell Swing critique

    I could really use some critique on my swing. I tried uploading the video from my phone but, it didn't work. Hopefully the link below will work. Any and all help is appreciated. Bobby Holtgrewe on Instagram: “Kettlebell swings can get you in shape and keep you in shape for ANYTHING. Throw in...
  10. Bobby

    Kettlebell SFG certification training

    hello, In my preparation for the SFG cert (March 2016), I am wondering if there's a suggested rest time between training leading up to the certification and the actual 3 day event. For example, train for 3 months and take a week off before the certification? A few days off? I planned on...
  11. Kenny

    Other/Mixed Rogue Thompson Fatbells

    Hey guys, I'm curious to know your opinion on these Fatbells. They're new to me and I was wondering if these are useful at all? Rogue normally produces good stuff. Rogue Thompson Fatbells | Rogue Fitness
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