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loaded carries

  1. Kettlebell Heavy farmers carry step-ups?

    Anyone have any experience with heavy farmers carry style step-ups, perhaps A+A style? If so, how are they? Always looking for best bang for buck movements.
  2. Kettlebell Carries workout feedback requested

    Hi guys just looking for some feedback about a carries workout I'm thinking of doing. I would be doing these carries as a stand alone program with no other exercises. You start with a One Arm Waiter Walk on your left side then lower the weight to the rack and keep walking. Rest Repeat on your...
  3. needsomegrip

    Other/Mixed How Do You Ruck?

    I bought my first kettlebell after only having access to the bells at the gym. I've enjoyed being able to take it to a nearby park to work on some movements outside of my S&S practice. I have also enjoyed throwing the bell in my backpack, putting on a podcast and going for a walk around the...
  4. Barbell Easy Strength Loaded Carries

    Hey guys I was wondering how to implement loaded carries in the context of the Easy Strength Routine. Dan John says to vary the load en distance every time, but I don't think we can do this until failure 5x / week so at which intensity do you guys perform this exercise. Just start at 55% like...
  5. Benedictine Monk

    Kettlebell Loaded Carries, Weight Increments And WTH

    Well, in short order I've gone from double 32's being "brutal" to being "easy peasy". Does anyone have some recommendations on progressions in terms of weight increments? Should I go 36 before 40 or is that increment a waste of time for loaded carries? Its not like the double 36's would be...
  6. DavThew

    Kettlebell Farmer's Carry

    I've started to introduce some farmer's carries to my routine recently. I'm training them twice a week at the end of my sessions (KB STRONG). I have a light day of 10minutes with a pair of 24kg and a heavy day with 5minutes of 32kg. My question is an issue of space. It's possible to take my KBs...
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