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  1. Bauer

    Other/Mixed Which metrics do you track?

    Personally, I used to track stuff like reps and weight for KB presses and/or ballistics, analyzing trends in tonnage, density, and average reps per set. For example, when I experimented with block training for a year, this approach helped me to check if I was still progressing and thus, if my...
  2. Pavel.Kosenkov

    Pavel's training log (not one of those Pavels :) )

    S&S Warmup is a classic S&S warmup. Goblet squats are performed with the heaviest bell I swing today. First set is always 16kg prying. Just like in the Sinister chapter. Plus deadlifts for 5 - I start my rounds with them. On OASW days, stretching / cool-down is: 3 way neck Hanging from the...
  3. Iversen

    Log of Sen

    What up? I'm starting my first log on here and it's going to be a good one. I do a bit of everything with my lifting as I'm basically the walking equivalent of lifting ADD. Before this whole pandemic situation my mainstay was a variation of this push/pull/legs program. I was hitting legs once a...
  4. Basil

    Winter Log

    Winter is a time for focus. I will apply the Russian Squat Routine to my deadlift training this season and my 5RM goal is to break the 300 lbs. barrier by Spring. Current: 1RM is 280 lbs. (October 2018) Background: 31 y/o, 5'10" 185 lbs. I've been on PTTP off and on for 2 years. Goals...
  5. Couch to SFG via S&S

    Backgrounder: 51 y/o Former military IT professional Diabetes (under diet control (Keto and IF) Was 320 lbs Dec 2017 Now 255 as of this AM Bad shoulder (surgery suggested), neck (same), knees, ankles Other issues I'd rather not say Program chosen: Simple and sinister + steel Mace + later...
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