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low back

  1. Kettlebell Low back soreness, swing feedback

    Hi All, I've been aspiring towards Simple (of simple and sinister) since March 2020 and this is my first time posting. Can you please provide me with feedback on my swing? One thing to note, besides the additional context below: my low back has been sore since July and I believe it's due to...
  2. maurice197

    Kettlebell Returning to the swing (Prerequisites)

    I'll start with the crux of my question and add a detailed background later to save folks some time. Question: Other than range of motion and clearance from a doctor, what benchmarks would you want someone to be able to meet before they return to swinging after a back injury? Background: I'm...
  3. Miguel

    Other/Mixed L5-S1 disc compression; "On-line" assistance request due to location

    Good day folks, Just had a scan done and found out my discs are compressing my sciatic nerve, causing an uncouth amount of pain. Background: 35 year old male, decent shape. Low Back injury, 2006: Muscle strain. Picking up someone to fireman's carry. One month light duty (military), pain...
  4. The Nail

    Nutrition Warrior Diet Question

    Ladies and Gents, I've been working on implementing the warrior diet for about a week. On day 2ish, I began to have an aching low back. I doubled my water intake yesterday and the ache completely disappeared. This surprised me, especially since my urine was never dark. My guess is that the...
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