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minimum effective dose

  1. Carl

    Bodyweight Pull Ups & Strong Endurance

    Hi all, I wondered what the updated line of thinking is on Strong Endurance type training with pull ups. Specifically, what are some SF tested and approved applications/programmes? Looking to run this as a standalone minimalist programme for a while and cover full body with limited moves. I...
  2. Other/Mixed Strongfirst WOD Minimums

    Hey! I’m interested in keeping in reducing the number of exercises to focus on to as minimal a number as possible while also getting full body benefits. I am inclined to the Program Minimums (Bent Press + KB Snatch, ab work) (KB Swing + Get Up + Goblet Squat) or simply a routine of Clean & Jerks...
  3. Bodyweight Programming Swings for NW

    Hello All, just a quick question currently doing great progress on the one arm pushup practice. better than any program ever before. pistols have been on point so nothing new there I'd like to take my swings up a notch since they're pretty much the only other exercise I practice besides...
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