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  1. Anna C

    All-Terrain Conditioning Course - Wow!

    Just finished attending the All-Terrain Conditioning course held in Denver (I attended online from home). Master SFG Derek Toshner and StrongFirst Elite Kenneth Bolyard instructed the course. I the two-day seminar, we covered some incredibly effective StrongFirst-based programs to prepare...
  2. Other/Mixed Vertical kilometer trail running

    Hi everybody, I'm training for VK (vertical kilometer) or short intense trail races. For those who don't know VK it's an uphill mountain running race, which ascends approximately 1000 metres while covering a distance of no more than 5km. Some races are less than 2km long for 1000m elevation...
  3. DavThew

    Other/Mixed Mountain Strong

    A while ago the Mountain Strong workshop was run from Strongfirst, and I know that there is plenty of interest in activities based in rough terrain on this forum for both professionals and hobbiests. I'd be very keen to attend this workshop if it came to Europe (I could not have afforded a...
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