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  1. Kettlebell Definitive list of swing muscles?

    Greetings: In my internet ramblings, I'm finding conflicting graphics listing which muscles fire during swings. Of course, they all have glutes, etc., but some include certain muscles, while others do not. Can anyone point me to a source they trust on this matter? Ideally based on research? ...
  2. LukeV

    Barbell Hypertrophy specific training

    I've read about Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) but never tried it because (a) I can't go 9 to 12 days without going to the gym in order to 'decondition' and (b) it sounds too good to be true given that you workout submaximally almost all of the time. But I've also never spoken to someone...

    Hi I was looking for KB Muscle & KB Strong to purchase noticed been discontinued. Is anyone selling them in the U.k or even got a example break down of these programs which ive been also looking for in the forum. Much appriciated Mat
  4. Barbell POwer to the people help !! Please

    hello im 21 years old i purchased power to the people i ve been working out around 2.5 years now i have gained some muscle and also some fat i m intrigued by the PTTP program im 86kg now around 20-25% bodyfat i want to lose some fat and i want to get stronger my best DL 145kgx3 press 60kgx2 and...
  5. johnscooley

    Nutrition Top 3 Muscle Supplements. I Think You Should Buy Them

    Number 1: Caffeine. Caffeine is perhaps the most widely used stimulant in the world, taken almost religiously by many sleep-deprived individuals for a quick energy boost. But, it also has very capable ergogenic, performance enhancing effects that can aid muscle growth. Studies consistently...
  6. Nutrition Food for abs

    What do you reccommend I eat to get better abs?
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