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nutrition for women

  1. Nutrition In desperate need of nutrition advice

    Hi all, I am really hoping someone can help me out in regards to eating for my lifting and physique goals. First and foremost, I desire to lose body fat and gain strength. Once this pandemic is over I really aspire to train for powerlifting comps or strongman, whichever works out best first. I...
  2. DancingLion

    Nutrition Menopausal Woman about to do "Kettlebell Muscle" Program. Nutrition Help?

    Greetings, I need your considered opinions... I'm 50. menopausal. I'm 5ft. 6, currently Weigh 143 21% bodyfat. I was 148 19% 4 months ago but broke my hand and had to stop training. I reduced my calories thinking I wouldn't put on too much fat while not able to train and did lots of zumba to...
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